Viral Image of Argentina Goalkeeper Doing This Pose Isn’t Photoshopped

For those who have been keeping track and watching the world cup, you are either very happy or super sad with the end results.

Well, whichever side of the spectrum you are on, there is no doubt that the finals game between Argentina and France was one of the greatest football matches to have ever been played.

However, despite the amazingly played game, the goalkeeper from Argentina, Emi Martinez, performed an X-rated gesture during the awards ceremony that sparked a backlash.

And no, the photo is not Photoshopped.

X-rated Gesture During Award Ceremony

During the award ceremony, Martinez, who received much praise for his last-minute save against Kolo Muani, held his Golden Glove award at the front of his crotch and thrusted his hips once towards the sky.

This inappropriate gesture caused multiple negative comments to flood in immediately.

Image: Instagram (@thisisfutball__)
Image: Instagram (@thisisfutball__)
Image: Instagram (@thisisfutball__)

Many people mentioned that it was disrespectful to pull off such gestures in front of millions of viewers worldwide while others simply expressed their disgust with the Argentinian’s actions.

Martinez Explains His Actions

According to Fox Sports, Martinez allegedly performed the disrespectful gesture because the French booed him.

Talking to La Red, an Argentinian Radio Station, Martinez said “Pride does not work with me.”, indicating that he was not remorseful of his actions.

With that being said, it is not the only moment in the finals that Martinez is being criticised for.

During the penalty shootout, Martinez also attracted criticism from fans and players for his despicable actions during the penalty shootout.

At one point in the shootout, Martinez threw the ball away and made the French player Aurelien Tchouameni retrieve it.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, former Premier League striker Chris Sutton said that Martinez’s actions were “pretty despicable” but at the same time could understand that his actions could have been done in the heat of the moment.

Celebrations in the Locker Room

After the award ceremony that brought tears of joy to many fans around the world, the Argentina team celebrated in their locker room.

In a video posted on Twitter, the team could be seen celebrating by dancing in a train-like formation led by Martinez.

Halfway through the celebration, Martinez stopped the celebration to conduct a “one minute of silence for Kylian Mbappe, the French forward who scored a hat trick during the game.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@thisisfutball__ & @jump_i_n_jaw)