Wah, This Dog Is Trained To Sniff Out Bugs And Pests


Without much doubt, canines will always be mankind’s best friends. I mean, sure—every now and then we see news about people killing and eating them for food, but I’m glad most of the time it’s about their heroics or praiseworthy service towards mankind.

And today, I’m glad I’ll be talking about one such doggo.

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(No, not you Doge.)

Ladies and gentlemen, say hi to Riley.

Image: smithsonianmag.com

Now, while Riley might just look like your run-of-the-mill Weimaraner puppy, its job is anything but ordinary. Currently receiving training from The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Riley’s job would be to sniff out insects and pests that might harm the museum’s collection of artworks.

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In case you are unaware, insects are a pretty big problem in museums. Just imagine if you’re the curator. You wake up one fine morning, going about your daily duties ensuring the smooth operation of the museum, only to realize that some weird looking moth is chewing a piece of 400-year-old artwork.

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(Oh hi there (*≧▽≦))

Just so you know how much damage these pests are capable of, here’s an image of a page ruined by Silverfish:

Image: perthpest.com.au

Hence, it would only make sense for the museum to prevent such infestations before they occur.

And this is where Riley comes into the picture.

While Riley is still unable to differentiate moth from food, Nicki Luongo, the museum’s director of protective services, said that training will be conducted for Riley over the course of a year.

Weimaraners like Riley have good stamina and can work long hours without getting bored. As such, they are also commonly used to sniff for bombs and drugs. Should Riley prove to be a success in controlling the pests, other museums might just introduce their very own museum pups!

Oh man, I would love for Singapore to have museum doggos. If anything, I think it would give the public one more reason to visit the library!

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Featured image: smithsonianmag.com