Wah, The Opening of Don Don Donki is Like Justin Bieber is in S’pore

Today marks so many things—opening of Gong Cha, a start of a new month, payday and oh yeah, the opening of Don Don Donki.

I am talking about the renowned Japanese discount store that has made its way to our shores, all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

If you think pronouncing the moniker is a mouthful, the crowd earlier at Don Don Donki was a handful, to say the least.


Yes, that is the burgeoning crowd before Don Don Donki opened its door to the public at 10 A.M.

If not for the matured crowd, I would have thought Justin Beiber is in town, but no, he is busy canoodling with Selena Gomez.

Located in the heart of Orchard (Orchard Central), customers started queuing two hours before the opening.

One of the customers, Tina Tan told The Straits Times that it made sense to start queuing early to grab some of the offers before they sold out.


She even had pictures of the items she wanted to buy.

That’s what we call a smart shopper.

“I’ve never been to the store in Japan but I saw all the buzz on social media over the past few days ahead of the opening and was really excited to check it out. I’ve heard it’s like the Japanese equivalent of Mustafa,” she added.

Amongst the kiasu Singaporeans, there were also Japanese people eagerly waiting to get into the action.


One of the Japanese customers, Seiko Endo told The Straits Times that she was excited with the opening as she would be able to shop for local produce at wallet-friendly prices.

That is the same train of thought for the founder and chairman of Don Don Donki, Mr Yasuda when he moved to Singapore in 2015.

He was shocked to see Japanese items being charged exorbitantly when you get it in Japan at a cheaper price.

For those who are waiting for the crowd to die out—which I doubt that will happen anytime soon—you will be pleased to know that there are plans to open the second store in 100am mall by June next year.

In fact, my colleague did a detailed piece on it. You can read it here.

And if you’re planning to visit it later…

Take a look at the video first. 🙂

Don Don Donki opens first store at Orchard Central

24-hour discount store Don Don Donki opened its first store at Orchard Central today, and it looks packed. http://str.sg/oktp

Posted by The Straits Times on Thursday, 30 November 2017

Still planning to go today?

Good luck, then!

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