Want to 避年? Here’re the Places to Go for Less Than $300

过年,我避年! (Translation: While you celebrate Chinese New Year, I’ll ‘escape’!)

We’re past mid-January, peeps, you mean you’ve not booked that flight/bus/ferry out of Singapore? My flight and accommodation were already booked last year and mind you, it wasn’t cheap.

So for those who are still thinking of escaping CNY, stop thinking and start acting upon it. Here are the places to go for less than $300.

Disclaimer: Transport costs (per pax) only. Depart on eve of CNY (15 February) and return on the third day of CNY (18 February).

1. Palembang ($201)

Welcome to Palembang, Indonesia! Palembang is only about 1 hour 15 minutes away from Singapore so you won’t waste that much time travelling.

Scoot flies you over at 10.30am on 15 February and departs 3.50pm from Palembang back to Singapore. Timing wise seems perfect, you probably just need to take a day or half day leave on eve of CNY (depending on your company’s welfare and policy).

Image: skyscanner.com.sg

You can visit: Ampera Bridge

When you’re there, don’t miss out on Ampera Bridge. It’s like a landmark of the city and here’s how it looks like under the moonlight:

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Location: Jl. Sultan Mahmud BadarudinPalembang, Indonesia

2. Padang ($210)

Here’s another city to visit – Padang. It’s the capital of Indonesia’s West Sumatra province.

Just 1 hour 15 minutes away from Singapore, AirAsia flies you direct and back. You probably need to wake up very early to catch the flight at 8.55am on 15 February and then drag yourself out of bed on 18 February for the flight back to reality at 9.40am. Otherwise, for the price, it’s pretty attractive.

Image: skyscanner.com.sg

You can visit: Pulau Pagang

Away from the hectic schedule in Singapore? Don’t put yourself back into the crowded malls and tourist attractions. Lose yourself in the midst of Pulau Pagang, an island surrounded by sand, sea, and mountains. I heard you can even snorkel there!

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Location: BungusPadang, Indonesia


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3. Davao ($234)

Let’s put Manila and Cebu aside for this CNY. Why not take the road less travelled and visit Davao, Philipines instead?

Cebu Pacific flies you out of Singapore at 9.55pm on 15 February so you don’t have to take any leave from work on eve of CNY. The only downside is that it takes you 3 hour 45 minutes to reach Davao.

Image: skyscanner.com.sg

You can visit: Mount Apo

This is apparently the highest mountain in the Philippines according to TripAdvisor. You must be thinking, “Siao ah, CNY is supposed to be a period of rest leh. Ask me climb mountain?”

Chill, guys. Ask yourself when will be the next time you exercise? Probably never (for some). Hence, this is a good opportunity for you to work those hidden muscles. What’s more, the breathtaking view will take all fatigue away.

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Location: Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

4. Kuala Lumpur ($258)

Let’s not forget our neighbour, Malaysia. You guys probably know KL more than I do so this place needs no further introduction.

Another good deal because you don’t have to waste your annual leave – Jetstar departs Singapore at 8.55pm on the eve of CNY. Yes, the price might be off-putting because it usually costs less than $100 to KL. But hey, you deserve this break. 😉

Image: skyscanner.com.sg

You can visit: Jalan Alor

If you’ve already visited the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC mall, park and what not in KL, then why not try Jalan Alor? It’s for the gluttons and aspiring-to-be ones. Go in the evening though, and walk your way through the yummylicious street food.

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Location: Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. Semarang ($268)

For the last destination, I’m going to ‘cheat’ a little and bring the departure date to 14 February. So this is for those who have exceptionally nice bosses who will grant you that last minute extra day of leave application.

Just so you know, Semarang is a port city on the north coast of Java, Indonesia and is about 1 hour 45 minutes away from Singapore.

Image: skyscanner.com.sg

You can visit: Brown Canyon

No Grand Canyon for a $300 budget but you can try Brown Canyon. Just take note that it’s a little far from the city and the journey there is rather ‘bumpy’.

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Location: Rowosari, Tembalang, Semarang City, Central Java 50279, Indonesia

There you go, 5 quick places to escape CNY this year. I’m sure these places are probably cheaper during the off-peak season but give yourself a treat because…

If not now, then when?

Enjoy your little getaway, my friends, and blessed Chinese New Year. 🙂

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