In a Week, 62 Bike-Sharing Bicycles Were Impounded for Obstructing Foot Paths


Well, good riddance.

…What? Were you expecting me to defend bike sharing no matter what just because I’ve been writing about inconsiderate buffons destroying bicycles?

Look, while I wish that people can be more considerate when it comes to bike sharing, I gotta say that bike sharing brings about its own share of problems too.

Most prominently, the issue with the parking of bikes.

Image: LTA Facebook Page

Just look at this bloody mess. Well, it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it is a good example.

A Facebook post by the Land Transport Authority(LTA) reads that: “The indiscriminate parking of bicycles, such as these bicycles parked at a sheltered walkway in Marsiling Drive, causes inconvenience and obstruction of movement for path users.”

According to LTA, a total of 62 bicycles from three different bike sharing companies were impounded for obstructing the footpaths in a week-long operation.

#Bikesharing may be the new mode of convenience, but don’t turn it into inconvenience for others by parking dockless…

Posted by Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Monday, 22 January 2018

The operation took place between 15 Jan and 21 Jan, in areas like Yuan Ching Road, Alexandra, Dunearn Road and Woodlands Centre Road.

Geez, this must suck for the companies. After all, it’s really difficult for them to control where their users park the bikes! Well, you could argue that they can install designated bicycle racks for the bikes, but some may feel like this defeats the purpose of bike sharing in the first place.

Well, it’s not like LTA isn’t doing anything about it either. In the same post as above, LTA talked about how they have been working together with the bike sharing companies to solve the issue.

“Removal notices were issued to 292 bicycles found on foot paths, of which 62 bicycles that were not removed within half a day were impounded.”

“LTA takes a serious view on indiscriminate parking of bicycles. We have been working together with BSOs and reminding them to remove these bicycles. BSOs should manage their bicycles and ensure that their users park their bicycles responsibly in designated parking spaces.”

And here’s an interesting comment from a Facebook user.

Image: LTA Facebook

Both bike sharing companies and users should do their part. Users should indeed be punished for leaving the bikes in places which will cause others inconvenience.



At the end of the day, am I right to say that we Singaporeans are not ready for bike sharing? Really, all it takes is something like this to reflect on the “quality” of our people.

While I agree that not all Singaporeans are inconsiderate douchebags, I am fairly certain that there is still a considerable amount of them out there.

Oh well, let’s just hope that things will get better from now on, eh?

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Featured image: LTA Facebook Page