Western Co. is Back with New Owner, Polite Facebook Replies & NETS Payment


2016 has been a pretty nasty year—at least for some business owners who decided to be passive aggressive (or even pure aggressive) to their customers on Facebook, because well, the customers don’t owe them a living (pun intended).

While we might have forgotten Lavastone Steakhouse, we certainly can’t forget The Western Co., the restaurant that drew so much flak that they’re forced to close down their Facebook account and disappeared from the online world.

No one knows what happened to the real store, because well, we’re all more interested in online sagas than the food and the stall.

Apparently, the restaurant is back, and it seems like the Facebook Page was never deleted #plottwist

Here’s some context lest some of you have been living in a cave: The Western Co., popular for its Raclette Cheese, had mistakenly sent a message to a customer that they only accepted NETS, when what they meant is that they only accepted cash. So, when the customer went and had no cash with him, it escalated into a war of words and the owner of the restaurant allegedly told the customer that they “don’t owe you a living.”

But this wasn’t what made netizens irate; after that, the restaurant apparently made sarcastic replies to the customer online without any trace of remorse. Soon, netizens realized that the restaurant had a history of making passive aggressive remarks to customers online.

The Western Co. apologized, the Internet did not accept, and poof: their Facebook Page disappeared all of a sudden.

But hey, they’re actually not gone.

No one knows when the Facebook Page came back, but records showed that the Page was supposedly “deleted” on 8 November 2016, and in its Facebook Page, any posts before 12 November 2016 had disappeared.

Between 12 November 2016 and 21 December 2016, there were a number of posts that were completely unrelated to the social media fail.

Then, on 22 December 2016, it’s revealed that it’s now under a new management and owner.

Image: Facebook (The Western Co.)

And the best part? They seem to be much politer in their Facebook replies, although it’s just plain weird that you don’t see haters’ comments anywhere.

Image: Facebook (The Western Co.)

Whatever it is, here’s one lesson for us in 2017: a social media fail doesn’t mean a business fail.

Featured Image: Facebook (The Western Co.)

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