Woman Pasted Illegal Ads on Pillar & When Confronted, She DGAF & Taunted Others


It takes courage to admit one’s mistake.

But I dare say it takes sheer bravado to not give a **** at all.

And this particular woman, in my opinion, really exemplified the meaning of “**** them all.”

No, not the literal meaning.

Catch me if you dare

If you weren’t aware, a video of a woman pasting advertisements at Block 211 Boon Lay Place, while being confronted by a resident has been circulating online.

In the video, the woman, who’s dressed in a striped shirt, could be seen putting up notices promoting a moneylender.

Image Stomp

Pretty “legal”, if you ask me.

The aforementioned resident, Mr Li, subsequently stepped up and asked her: “Are you not taking these notices down?”

The woman kept quiet and resumed her work.

She then told Mr Li, “Catch me if you dare”, before striking a pose for him.

Image Stomp

(Sho cute. If she wasn’t committing a crime I would have totally asked her out on a paint-spraying date)


When he asked for her name, she told him with a straight face.

“Tan Ah Kau.”

Mr Li didn’t give up, and continued to ask for her name, to which she pointedly ignored.

23 October

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the incident had occurred on Monday (23 Oct) at around 1.30pm.

Mr Li, 57, who’s a resident of the block, had been on his way home after a meal.

“I saw her put up advertisements on each of the pillars. After placing up each notice, she would take a photo.,” he said.

“I believe she was taking the photos so she can send them to her employer. She was blatantly vandalising public property, so I used my phone to record a video of her actions and asked her to take the notices down.”

He was pretty furious.

“She was doing this in broad daylight. What’s to stop her from placing these advertisements on our doors directly the next time?”

Yeah, you tell them, Mr Li!


An offence

According to the Land Transport Authority, those who put up such advertisements are violating the law.

“Getting rid of illegal advertisements on our street infrastructure requires additional time and resources. Besides marring our streetscape, those who paste such advertisements are also committing an offence.”

You can watch the video below.

If I were to give a politically correct answer, I would of course bang the table and rage, “Yeah, stop pasting those damn adverts on public infrastructure you sick nuts!”

But if I were to give a no-holds-barred opinion, I can only say that it’s… amusing. Don’t misunderstand me; the crime is very real. Whether to laugh at it, however, is a choice.


So to Mdm Tan Ah Kau, kindly stop pasting such adverts.

Because the next time you strike a pose, it might not be for a smartphone, but a Nikon camera owned by the guys in blue.

And I promise you; the food there is bad.

But still better than cookhouse food though.

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