World Cup Final Going into Penalty Shootout Might Have Saved Some Lives in a Woodlands Fire


Woodlands Fire

At around 1:30 am on Monday (19 December), a fire broke out in Woodlands, but some residents were safe. Why?

They were watching the World Cup final at the community center. 

Since then, MP for Sembawang GRC Woodlands division has recounted the incident on Facebook

Contextualising, she said: “Danial and his friends Hady, Shaddad, and Shafiq, all of whom live in different parts of #mywoodlands, were watching the World Cup final at Woodlands CC when they saw people running out to Blk 806.”

The men were trained first responders and along with another resident of the block (also a trained first responder), put out the fire using the fire hose before the fire truck came.

According to her, the “blaze was not small and the whole block had to be evacuated.”

While the fire saw no injuries, two residents were conveyed to the hospital for breathing difficulties. 

Some residents chose to stay the night at others’ houses, and the rest were able to return home by 3:30 am. 

“I thank the residents and everyone involved for the community spirit displayed.”

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The World Cup Finals 

As you probably know by now, this year’s final was a rollercoaster of a match. 

Argentina won France in penalties and here’s what happened:

The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Lionel Messi secured an early lead for Argentina in the 23rd minute of the match with a penalty kick. 

Then, doubling their advantage was Di Maria’s goal in the 36th minute, which many thought sealed the deal already. 

By this stage, viewers were sure that France couldn’t comeback in time. 

Argentina on fire.


However, in the second half, France got awarded a penalty kick. The nation’s star player Kylian Mbappé took the shot and scored in the 80th minute, lifting the team’s morale. 

Then, in less than a minute, the French striker scored again, equalising the score. 

At this point, it was anyone’s game, and we could only watch with bated breath. 

As the match proceeded into overtime, Messi scored again at minute 108. His shot was hit in but kicked out by a defender. After a VAR check for offside, the goal was ruled in, putting Argentina in a one-point lead. 

Like before, many thought it was the end of France already. 


However, like a magician, Mbappé pulls a hat trick and ties the score in the 118th minute. 

The peaks and troughs of the match made the victor at this stage unpredictable. It truly was a close fight. 

As the match came to a close, neither teams manage to clutch up and the game proceeded to the penalty shootouts.

It was here that Argentina won, scoring four of the shots while France only managed to get two. 

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Featured Image: Mariam Jaafar/ Facebook