Someone Abandoned a Live Chick in a Box in Yishun HDB Lift


Yup, Yishun strikes again.

This time, though, it’s in a cute way.

Just yesterday (21 December), a woman living in Yishun recounted how she had a peculiar experience finding an abandoned and alive chick while taking the lift in her Housing Development Board (HDB) block.

She then uploaded a post detailing her encounter in the Lost and found pets in Singapore Facebook group.

Here’s what happened.

Found Chick in Lift; thought Chirping Noises Were from a Video

The woman, Haida Johan, mentioned in her Facebook post that she was on her way to work and taking the lift in her HDB block when she made the discovery.

When speaking to Mothership, she recalled how two other women were in the lift when she entered the lift at around 8.30 am. The two women had a stroller with them.


She added that she heard soft chirps from the chick even while wearing headphones. However, she initially thought that the chirping sounds came from a video or soundtrack that the other passengers in the lift were playing for the child in the stroller.

When she got out of the lift, one of the ladies tapped her shoulder and told her about the chick in the box, prompting her to turn around and look at it.

“I don’t know how long the [chick has] been up and down inside the lift,” she wrote.

Decided to Bring it Back Home

After seeing the chick, she said she “could not bear” seeing it in such a state and chose to bring it home.

She said, “[It’s] so cute and so tiny. I don’t understand why they abandoned it just like that.”

“Told my kids to keep it safe for [the] time being,” she added in her Facebook post.

She also mentioned that she went on Google to search for how to care for the chick and instructed her kids to help.

As for why she chose to do so, she said she wants to help stop animal abandonment as much as possible.

She also talked about the recent news of a cat being thrown down an HDB block in Jurong West and expressed that it left her angry and sad.

Haida added that the chick might have been abandoned, but she also sees many free-roaming chickens near her house, meaning that the chick might be a part of those chickens’ flock.

Might Not be Able to Keep Chick for Long

However, she emphasised in her Facebook post that she would be unable to keep the bird for long as she has cats at home.

In her post, she also attached two images and two videos of the bird, which is currently still in her care.

The second video featured a cat trying to “play” with the chick through a pet carrier’s netting, so perhaps her fears of the cat being hostile to the chick are settled (for now).


Asked for Advice on How to Care for Chick

Apart from posting about her encounter, Haida also asked if any netizens in the Facebook group had any advice to offer her, as she had never cared for a chick before.

Netizens’ Response

After uploading her post onto Facebook, multiple netizens were eager to offer Haida advice to care for the bird, such as by sharing what kind of food their birds eat at home.

In particular, one netizen shared that Haida can feed the chick “a mixture of egg food (get from bird shops), small mealworms and chopped leafy veggies like Kang Kong” and give it to the bird via a shallow dish.

Others also tagged different organisations, such as Singapore Wildlife Sightings, Backyard Chickens Singapore and Chicken Adoption Rescue SG, on Facebook so Haida can reach out to them.

Additionally, some netizens highlighted that keeping chickens in HDB flats might not be allowed.


Many highlighted the importance of keeping the chick warm, and others offered Haida their contact information to offer her more advice.

On the other hand, although some speculated that the chick might be a part of the free-roaming chickens, one netizen pointed out that the chick has yellow feathers and is hence domesticated.

Of course, there were also Facebook users who ooh-ed and aah-ed over how cute the chick was.

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Many Netizens are Interested in Adopting Chick

Besides that, Haida also revealed that several Facebook users have sent her messages over the past day and have expressed their intention to adopt the chick.

Some netizens also commented on the post and tagged their Facebook friends to ask if they were interested in adopting the chick.


As for Haida, she mentioned that she is still undecided about what she will eventually do with the chick but will still care for and provide for it for now.

She added that she is still unsure about what decision she should make for the chick’s care and said she does not want the chick to “fall into the wrong hands”.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Haida Johan)

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