You Have To Visit This Fire Ramen Restaurant When You Go Japan Next Time, Or You Might As Well Go Jurong


Who doesn’t love a bowl of ramen? Some of us like it so much, if you were to head to a supermarket right now, you’d probably head over to the instant noodles section before you check everything else out.

If you’re a true blue ramen fan, though, you’d want to give this ramen shop in Kyoto a try.

We have to warn you, though, you might get one or two strands of hair singed!

Image: Japan Cheapo

The concept is called FIRE RAMEN by the way, and yes, if you go to Japan and don’t check it out, you might as well just stay in your HDB flat and eat your Nissin pack in silence.

What Happens In Order of Fire

Here’s the deal. You’ll be seated in a row in front of the chef, with a bowl of ramen right in front of you. You’d be ask to keep your hands behind your back and strap on an apron too. Hair’s GOTTA stay out of the way, that’s a given.

The chef will ask if you’re ready and OK, and then he literally POURS FIRE onto the ramen bowls that are in front of him, while you stare in shock and amazement.

It’s pretty cool, actually. You’d almost be able to feel the flames lick the ramen’s surface, and feel it inches away from your face!

Image: Menbakaichidai

The effect of the flame against the ramen wears off in a couple of seconds, and trailing behind the chef will be another staff who’s pushing the now flame-free ramen bowl towards you. He’ll place a spoon into your bowl, and chopsticks’ll land on top of it. This pretty much signals that your fire ramen’s ready.

Take a look here (from 4:45 onwards).

Next, it’s time to eat your food!

The exciting bit from eating here has got to be the fire show that comes with the noodles. You can pass your phone for the staff to record a video and take photos of the extravaganza, and when you’re done, the shop guys are kind enough to even let you know what else you can do with the rest of your time in Kyoto for the day.

Image: Tastemade

As there’s a limited number of seats, if you drop by this place, head over early for the fire ramen experience. Some people have queued for up to an hour just to get an experience of a lifetime in eating their fire ramen, and let us just say that while the wait was long, it was surely worth it.

And no, they don’t take reservations. There are also other side dishes like fried chicken and gyoza.

The bowl’s oily, which is why it gets fired up, by the way! Oh, and you’re given a huge piece of paper to cover your pants too, so it doesn’t get burnt!

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the ramen’s DAMN GOOD WEI. It’s flavoured with loads of spring onions, a delicious broth and thin ramen noodles.

So, who’s in for a fiery ramen meal?

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