You’ve Heard About Po Chai Pills Being Recalled? HSA Says That’s Old News


Whatever you upload on the internet stays on the internet, including your unsolicited nude pictures on Snapchat, and with the recent discovery of major security flaws in Wi-Fi devices, you can never be too sure.

Even Po Chai pills weren’t spared—no there were no nudes involved.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

We all have heard of Po Chai pills, one way or another and it is unofficially known as the Chinese charcoal pill.

It is usually taken when you are having the runs.


An old clip has been circulating around the internet where a news reporter talks about Po Chai being recalled because there were two chemicals found—phenolpthalein (a laxative) and sibutramine (a banned western medicinal ingredient used for slimming)—when tested by Singapore authorities.

Here is the clip, for those who are nosey:

Not to worry, because, on Oct 16, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) clarified that the clip was from 2010 and they still continue to monitor the product under their product quality surveillance programme.

Their last check was in June 2016, and it is safe to consume.


For those who are still lost, let me give you some background.

As mentioned, the said video was from 2010, and yes, it is a legit video.

The unfortunate incident happened in 2010 when HSA detected two chemical substances in their Po Chai Pills.

The two chemical substances were found in their capsule product.

After the recall of the affected batch, the manufacturer ceased production of Po Chai Pills in capsule form and stopped marketing it in Singapore.

That is why you don’t see this in any shops:


Instead, you can only find this:


Po Chai also clarified this kerfuffle on their website.


For those who can’t read:

Clarification on the online spread of an out-dated news clip about Po Chai Capsules in 2010:

  1. The concerned video clip is an out-dated news report of 2010;
  2. The content of the video carries inaccurate representations and also confuses the public by mixing up the capsule form product with the all-time classic Po Chai Pills® bottle pack
  3. The Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has released an official statement on October 16, 2017 that the Po Chai Pills®product in bottle form is completely unrelated to the news.

We have recently noticed that a video clip of a news released 7 years ago by China Television Company of Taiwan (CTV -台灣中視) regarding the contamination incident of Po Chai capsules has been maliciously spread on the online media.

As a matter of fact, the capsule product had been discontinued and withdrawn from the market some 7 years ago.

The implicated capsule form product was out-sourced for manufacturing to a third party company.


The capsule form product had been discontinued from the market after the inadvertent contamination incident.

The all-time classic Po Chai Pills® bottle packs have all along been produced 100% in Hong Kong by Li Chung Shing Tong Hong Kong’s (香港李衆勝堂) own manufacturing facilities.

Stringent testing at the time by various government authorities had revealed that Po Chai Pills bottle form of the product was absolutely free from any unwanted substance as reportedly found in the capsule form product incident.

Over the years, Hong Kong Po Chai Pills® has always been adopting a stringent standard for both manufacturing and quality assurance.

Along with our newly established GMP production facilities and HOKLAS–accredited QC laboratory, our valued customers would be rest-assured with an even greater reliance on the product safety and quality of Po Chai Pills®.

For more updated information about Po Chai Pills®, kindly click on the following link:


Since no chemical substances were found in this product, it is still sold in Singapore.

I am sure you would have come across this video through your family group chat, cause mine is filled with motivational quotes, weird health scares and et cetera.

Show this article to your parents and ease their worry.

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