All the Theories on Why There is No iPhone 9

Yes, we get it. It’s because 7 ate (8) 9.

But other than the joke that iPhone 7 could be one hungry monster, what could be the reason behind the case of the missing iPhone 9?

Now, most iPhone fans (and non-fans alike) would know the true reason: Because it’s an iPhone so whatever Apple says is cast to stone, like how your teacher’s word is the ultimatum.

Jokes aside, it’s due to the simple fact that it’s the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Who would have guessed that the first iPhone came out in 2007 and some of us are still using an iPhone, when Blackberry and Nokia have all ORD-ed years ago!

But of course you can’t stop people from coming out with theories on why 9 is missing. In fact, some were so legit, you might just believe their speculation.

Here are a few theories that kind of make sense.

Because there’s no Windows 9

We were given the great Windows 7, the yucky Windows 8 and then, 7 ate 9 again because the next OS for our laptop is Windows 10. The exact real reason wasn’t revealed, but people speculated that when you skip one digit, it goes to show how far you’ve gone—you know, like you’ve moved two steps ahead.

Then again, some people believed that due to Windows 95 and Windows 98, the coding of Windows 9 might just conflict with the old OS, leading to coding nightmares.

Nevertheless, seeing that iPhone goes the same route, you can’t help but to think that it could be the same reason—the former one, not the latter one. Because there’s no iPhone 95, isn’t there?

Because releasing 8, 9 and X would lead to people buying the mid-range one

Apple released three phones this year, and could easily just name them 8, 9 and 10. But it’s Apple leh—you expect things to be so simple?

If you place iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in one basket, and put iPhone X in another basket, people are left with two choices: the good or the good-er. It’s an easy choice for Apple fanboy: they’ll choose the good-er.

Good move, Apple. Good move.

It’s an X all along

Even if we’re just at iPhone 5, it’ll jump all the way to iPhone X this year. The whole idea of iPhone X is the number 10, which, as mentioned, refers to the tenth anniversary.

On the other hand, it means it’s going to be an eXpensive phone. That one Ellen DeGeneres said one, not I say one.

Now, if you would think about it, their jump from 8 to 10 is much more reasonable than Windows’ jump.

But the last I know, Windows didn’t jump their price that much, compared to iPhone #justsaying

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