Blackball S’pore Bringing Back Duo Cup on 15 July. Now Who Cares About Liho?

More than a month ago, everyone went apeshit over the demise of Gong Cha in Singapore, with many queuing up for the “last cup” of Gong Cha only to realize that it will be coming back in a matter of months.

In the meantime, all Gong Cha outlets have been rebranded into LiHo, and while they used to run of cheese in the initial few weeks, they seem to have run out of customers nowadays.

Especially now, when Blackball Singapore is bringing back the duo cup.

Image: Facebook (Blackball Singapore 黑丸嫩仙草)

Earlier this year, Blackball Singapore launched the popular duo cup—a drink that is insanely popular in Taiwan and also Malaysia.

Okay, I take back my words: a dual drink that is popular to people who can’t decide what to drink.

The concept is apparently simple: have a cup, split it into half, have different flavours in Each a Cup—I mean, half a cup—and that’s it: it went viral.

Pretty sure it’s all for Instagram.

The drinks would be available again on 15 July 2017. Earlier this year, the price is $4.90 per twin cup. There’s no mention of how much it’ll cost now.

And if you think you still haven’t saved enough money from this duo cup, you can join the Facebook content here, which you can get a chance to win a $10 voucher.

Did anyone mention cheese tea? What’s that?

(And we did some digging for you. There hasn’t been any update about Gong Cha’s comeback.)

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Featured Image: Facebook (Blackball Singapore 黑丸嫩仙草)