M1 Unveils an ‘Unlimited Everything’ Postpaid Plan with Handset Subsidies

What’s with the price war for data-hungry customers?

Before we begin, all of y’all need to know that I’m a Starhub user and most of the time, I’m overly attached to the things I own.

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I take pride in the services provided to me as well.

So you saw the headline? Was it Starhub?

Yup, just so you know where this article is headed towards.

Anyway, just a month back, M1 announced plans to offer unlimited data packages to its subscribers, with its third generation of SIM-only plans.

The most expensive plan costs S$98, and it offers unlimited local data as well as 100 minutes of talk time on a 12-month contract.

If you don’t want to sign a contract, that’s fine with them. You just get 25GB of data instead of unlimited.

Think $98 is too expensive?

You can get M1’s cheapest SIM-only plan at S$20. But of course for the price, don’t expect unlimited data. You get 5GB with 100 minutes of talk time on a 12-month contract.

This table probably sums up everything I just said and of course, the in-betweens you might want to know.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

(Note: There’s no “launch promotion” now. Arh bo then)

So you would have noticed that M1 was just offering SIM-only plans, with no mentions of any new handsets right?

I’m not sure about people in general but for me, the only time I walk into a telco is when a new iPhone comes out, and I have plans to change my cellphone.

Of course, our dear M1 team has been working very hard behind the scenes and have since come up with something even better (or so they claim)!

According to Channel NewsAsia, M1 has expanded its SIM-only plans to include handset subsidies.

In a press release today (12 October 2017), the telco announced that it will “launch a range of new mySIMe plans with handset subsidies, with the entry-level tier starting with 5GB data, 100 minutes of voice calls and 100 SMS/MMS for S$40 a month and going up to unlimited data, talk time and SMS/MMS at S$118 per month.”

Did you just read the whole chunk of information I quoted in inverted commas?

Because I didn’t.

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I think information is best presented in a table. Like this:

Image: channelnewsasia.com

What you need to take away from this is the price increase. But that’s only so because this new range of prices include (new) handset subsidies.

And take a look at that: it’s unlimited everything. From data to talk to SMS (lest you’ve friends who live in 2007). But to be fair, they’re actually just late to the game.

For StarHub, you’ll have to pay $88 for the unlimited talktime (and weekend unlimited data) and for Singtel, it’s $108.80 (base of $68.90 + $39.90).

So it’s really for the M1 fans.

The new two-year plans will be available for sign-up or re-contract from Friday, 13 October at any M1 Shop, distributor, or online at www.m1.com.sg.

On a side note, tomorrow is Friday the 13th. So exciting.

Image: cdn.bloody-disgusting.com

And that’s all the information I have for this data war that’s going on between the 3 telcos.

For more information, visit www.m1.com.sg.

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