Nokia Bringing in Banana Phone 8110 Back After the Success of 3310

Last year, Nokia launched its iconic 3310 phone, equipped with colour and 3G, and the popular snake game was revamped to boot.


Now, Nokia, once again, is breathing new life to one it’s old phone models, Nokia 8110 aka the banana phone.

If the phone sounds vaguely similar to you, that’s because it was featured in The Matrix.


We all know how The Matrix was a blockbuster hit, and Keanu Reeves’ character, Neo catapulted the phone to popularity—I mean who doesn’t want to be an ex-hacker who saves humanity.

Nokia 8110 specs

HMD Global Oy (which bought the Nokia business) will be releasing Nokia 8110 in two colours, classic black (like the one Neo used) or banana yellow.

Image: HMD Global

Its specs aren’t that great if you’re comparing it with smartphones of today.

According to Tech Radar, it will still retain it’s iconic curve and slider albeit smaller.

It has a 2.4-inch curved display with a QVGA resolution and it is not a touchscreen.

You will have to use the phone, the old school way by using the keypad to type and navigate.

The only thing great about this phone, apart from its nostalgic aesthetic, its battery will last for 25 days from a single charge!


As it is a basic feature phone, you won’t have access to your typical Android apps but HMD will be creating a specific app store for this phone and you can expect popular apps like Facebook.

It also has a camera with a mere 2MP.

When will it be available

Priced at 79 Euros which is about S$128, the phone will be on the market in May, Channel NewsAsia reported.


Like mentioned, specs-wise, iPhone and Samsung will crush the banana phone hands down, but for those who are looking for a simple phone for this era, then this will definitely make the cut.

If it is good enough for Neo from The Matrix, it should be good enough for us.

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Featured image: HMD Global