Our Favourite Sesame Street’s Elmo Is Speaking Singlish & As Usual, Netizens KPKB

Singaporean netizens are a pretty hard bunch to please. I know because I’m one of them.

But it’s kinda understandable. Our society has pretty ‘high’ standards, so any act that contravenes it tends to generate quite a bit of backlash.

Case in example; see a driver with a leg up on his chair? Blast.

See a teacher who refuses to intervene in a fight between students? Blast.

See a private-hire car with a sticker covering the decal? Blast.

It’s got to a point where Singaporeans have to act prim and proper at all times, or suffer the 3 S: STOMP, SLAP and SCORN.

And guess what?

The Netizens are at it again, and this time for the most legitimate reason ever.

Because Elmo was learning to speak Singlish.

Image: Imgflip

It’s Elmo time

Our favourite furry red monster from Sesame Street has arrived at Singapore, as part of his global #ShareTheLaughter campaign.

(The campaign was launched by Sesame Workshop to promote kindness across the world, using the universal language of laughter.)

And Elmo was pretty busy too, entertaining kids and adults alike during a meet-and-greet at Universal Studios Singapore over the weekend (23-24 September).

But that’s not all, because he’s been hard at work perfecting a new language (to be more specific and “correct”, a dialect).



Channel News Asia posted a video of the furry red critter learning Singlish on their Facebook page just yesterday (25 September 2017), and it’s since garnered over 315K views and 4.6K shares.

In the video, the host can be seen building rapport with the adorable monster before diving head-first into a Singlish lecture.

I, personally, thought it was pretty enjoyable.

And some Netizens evidently thought so too.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

But some Netizens decided, to put it bluntly, be a bitch about it.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

And for our last camp, we have Netizens blasting the Netizens that blasted Singapore for teaching Elmo Singlish.

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page
Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

So yeah, Netizens are a pretty hard bunch to please.

Well, well, well…

Image: Channel News Asia Facebook Page

Personally, I really agree with this one, especially the first part.


After all, let’s face it: are you going to converse with your friends in standard English all the time? Are you going to ask your mum,”Mum, what’s for dinner? I’m absolutely famished.”

That might be the norm for the British, but you’re a Singaporean. Our standard questions would lean more towards “Eh, Mum. Can eat already? Sibei hungry sia.”

And to add on one fact, you do know why it’s called proper english, right? It’s for more formal purposes. Where’s the fun? Where’s the energy?


But you know, guys. At the end of the day we are all Singaporeans. We are on the same team.

We should be lucky that we are living in an age of peace, where there are no wars, conflicts and major threats to our sunny island. That’s more than can be said for Singaporeans of another time.

So why complicate things by stirring internal strife?


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Featured Image: Facebook (Channel NewsAsia)

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