There’s Going to be a Movie About M’sia Badminton Star Lee Chong Wei

Every country has their own heroes when it comes to sports.

America’s Michael Phelps, Singapore’s very own Joseph Schooling and Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei.

But how do you know that you’ve really made it into the hall of fame?

A Wikipedia page? Be given a title in your home country? Newspaper articles written about you?


You got to have your life story made into a movie. And that is what is happening to Malaysia badminton hero, Lee Chong Wei.

Lee Chong Wei “True” Life Story

Curious about how Lee Chong Wei became World Number 1 from Aug 2008 to Jun 2012?

What did his mother feed him when he was young?

Why, out of millions of young, aspiring badminton players, did he get to be The One (no pun intended)?

Now you’re able to find out liao. Sort of.

The movie, Lee Chong Wei, will be coming to the big screen in 2018 and it’ll show him grow up from an itty-bitty boy to the champion he is today.

The movie’s first trailer was uploaded onto Facebook by GSCinema on 21 December and it has since garnered 675k views and nearly 15k shares.

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The movie showed how a younger Lee Chong Wei loved playing badminton despite his father’s disapproval.

He went to all sorts of lengths to play badminton, even escaping from his home.

It also showed his struggles and drive to succeed despite the harsh conditions in badminton boot camp.

And, of course, no movie can be completed without people telling the younger Lee motivational quotes and inspiring sayings.

You know, things that make you go, Oh, I’m going to go do something with my life now… And forget all about it after you leave the cinema.

Allegedly doesn’t follow his life events closely

Now, just to warn you, the movie stated that it’s based on true events, so it’s not totally 100% correct.

The trailer showed that Lee loved playing badminton since young and his dad (in the movie) was the stereotypical Asian parent who wanted him to study more and get a good job.

However, it was mentioned that Lee actually loved playing basketball first, and his mom was the one who stopped him due to the heat of the outdoor courts.

His dad was the one who brought him to his first badminton court visit where he was scouted by a local coach.

Meh, details.

Speaking about Lee Chong Wei and videos, here’s one of him cracking a watermelon with a shuttlecock, using only his badminton racquet. Respect.

Can you imagine what a movie about Joseph Schooling will be like?

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Image: GSCinemas Facebook Page

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