Remember Joey Swee? Our Childhood ‘Girlfriend’ is Coming Back to TV

Remember Joey Swee? The pretty actress that many 90s boys imagine as their girlfriend?

No? Well, then this might jog your memory.


The young-looking actress, who still looks so swee after giving birth to three children, hasn’t been on TV since 2009.

And let’s face it: that’s also the period when we stopped watching TV as YouTube and Facebook took over our lives.

Here’s how she looks like now:

Image: Instagram (joeyswee9191)

What has she been eating?

The 40-year-old, who didn’t look a year older since she left MediaCorp, is also known for her endorsement for Body Perfect, whereby she allegedly took merely weeks to lose about 10kg to 15kg after each of her pregnancy.

Power, eh?

During the hiatus, the 40-year-old has been a full-time homemaker and mother to her three boys.

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If you’ve been missing her, you’re in luck, because she’ll be back in TV. Well, not exactly, but she’s acting again.

Joey would be playing the role of a mother in a Toggle Original drama, A Lonely Fish (this is just the working title, so it might change). A Toggle Original means that the drama would only be shown in Toggle, a video-streaming platform by MediaCorp (think of it as Netflix, but is free unless you want more features lah).

According to Joey, this project is a “short break” from her full-time work of being a homemaker and mother, so don’t expect to see more of her soon.

The drama would comprise six episodes, each at 30 minutes.

And guess who’s playing Joey’s daughter? He Ying Ying, the 22-year-old pretty actress that 00s kids imagine as their girlfriend.

Im sure there’s a pun to be made here… i just dont sea it yet 😎 (📸@lyndanli ☺️)

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A Lonely Fish would be in Toggle in Feb 2018.

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Featured image: Instagram (joeyswee9191)