Xiaomi Teases with New Flagship Phone That’ll be Out on 27 March with Powerful Specs

With all the hoo-haa surrounding Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, it’s easy to forget that other than these two powerhouses, there’s still Xiaomi.

You’ll be shocked to know that according to statcounter.com, Xiaomi has 11.59% of the market share in Singapore: that’s higher than iPhone, in which only 10.74% of the people in Singapore carry one.

In other words, while you can see queues in Apple stores during a launch, there are actually more people eagerly waiting for the next Xiaomi phone.

Maybe they’re just more passive, and less vocal.

And to all the passive Xiaomi fans: this is for you.

Xiaomi’s next phone, MI MIX 2S, is arriving on 27 March 2018

A day before Samsung Galaxy S9 is revealed, Xiaomi’s global spokesperson, Donovan Sung, posted this on his Twitter account.


Apart from this, there’s no further information.

The number, 273,741, is allegedly an AnTuTu benchmark, a benchmark used to determine the performance of a phone. The higher it is, the better it performs.

Currently, the iPhone X’s AnTuTu benchmark is at an average of 202,000, while the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is at 241,470.

Just for comparison’s sake, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is at 172,727.

So, for Xiaomi MI MIX 2S to reach 273,741 is impressive as hell; its predecessor, the Mi MIX 2, is at 175,162.

Image: quangmooo / Shutterstock.com

In other words, in terms of numbers, it has suppressed almost every phone in the galaxy (pun intended).

It will be run with Qualcomm’s latest processor, the Snapdragon 845.

Images of the phone, and other details of the phone, aren’t available anywhere: however, rumours have it that the phone will have 8 GB RAM and an upgraded 16MP rear camera.

Image: wccftech.com

Rumours or not, we’ll know in three weeks.

At this moment, its predecessor is being sold at $699 without a contract. While we’re not certain how much the new phone would cost, we can be certain that it’ll definitely be cheaper than an iPhone X.

Or a Samsung Galaxy S9.

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