10 Benefits of SAFRA Membership You Probably Didn’t Know Of

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Do you have a SAFRA membership? If you don’t you might want to consider getting one.

You see, the amount of benefits that we can get out of the SAFRA card is insane!

Here, take a look:

1.SAFRA Insurance

SAFRA has teamed up with NTUC Income and AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd (AIG) to provide the best insurance to protect you and your family at home or overseas.

To find out more, just click on the different insurance plans.

Term Life Insurance

SAFRA Essential Team and SAFRA Living Care by NTUC Income

Golf Insurance

Golfers’ Insurance Plan by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd (AIG)

Travel Insurance

AIG-Travel-Guard by AIG

Car Insurance

AutoPlus Plan by AIG

2.SAFRA Membership Online Offers

Image: SAFRA Website

You do it, I do it, my neighbour does it, even my grandma asks us to help her with it!

Yes, I’m talking online shopping.

Have you ever tried to check out but got scared by the total price?


Well, that happens to everybody.

SAFRA has tons of fashion, lifestyle and travel exclusives just for their members.


You can shop online at your own convenience and also save some money! How cool is that?

Additionally, you can also get cash rebates when you shop online using the SAFRA DBS Credit or Debit Card. Find out more here.

3.SAFRA Membership Treats and Deals

Image: SAFRA Website

There’s a huge list of exclusive discounted tickets (e.g. SAFRA movie treats) and vouchers that SAFRA have for its members.

Simply log on to the website shown above, make your purchase and collect them from your preferred SAFRA club!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.


4.SAFRA Education Scheme

The SAFRA Education Scheme aims to provide opportunities for SAFRA members to achieve the best that they can academically.

SAFRA partners with various institutions to offer diploma, advancd diploma and degree sponsorship to their members.

5.NSF SAFRA Member Exclusives

For all of you guys (and gals) serving NS, SAFRA also has an exclusive deal for you!

Image: safra.sg

Earn cash rebates with the SAFRA DBS Debit Card, enjoy movie treats and mall privileges as well as other perks and promotions!


Find out the list of offers here!

6.Interest Groups

There must be something that keeps you going in life.

Be it movies, food, sports…you can find people who have the same interest as you by joining any one of the SAFRA Interest Groups.

  • Adventure Club
  • Bitez
  • Community Services Club
  • Competitive Sports Club
  • Cycling Club
  • FUSE
  • Golfing Section
  • MovieMax
  • Photographic Club
  • Running Club
  • SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Social Badminton Club
  • Travel Club

7.Sentosa Privileges

Craving for a weekend getaway?

Technically Sentosa is an island, so why not make use of the SAFRA Sentosa Privileges available with your SAFRA membership?


Here are the on-going promotions:

safra membership deals

safra membership deals

safra membership deals
Images: SAFRA website

I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting dizzy looking at the long list.


There’s just so many to choose from!

8.SAFRA Membership Benefits at other clubs

SAFRA is really going all out, by teaming up with other clubs to offer access to selected facilities!

SAFRA, HomeTeamNS and National Service Resort & Country Club members can interchangeably enjoy the different facilities of the three clubs.

Image: redbubble.com

So bring along your membership card anywhere you go!


Note: Privileges are applicable only to SAFRA Ordinary A/B/BX/Life Members. Excludes Associate, Free Associate and Dependant Members.

9.In-club discounts

Other than partnering with other clubs, SAFRA also has an extensive list of discounted activities that you can do in their different clubs.

The list is endless, so you might wanna check it out here.

10.Fee structure

Now that you’re sold (hopefully), here’s the breakdown of the whole membership commitments:

safra membership prices
Image: SAFRA website


Considering the tons of benefits, it really isn’t that expensive, you know!

Not convinced? Divide the amount you see in the table above by the number of months and you get the price of membership per month.

NSMen who go for the 5-year SAFRA membership only needs to pay $2.58 per month. That’s crazy considering the benefits.

If you still don’t wanna sign up for one, well—I guess one of your friends’ bound to have a SAFRA card, huh?

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