17-Year-Old S’porean Teen Applied To Be Subject Of NTU Research Project But Got Molested Instead


In today’s episode of “WTF Did I Just Read”, an NTU grad student has been arrested for allegedly molesting a teenager.

Well, molestation in itself warrants a “wtf” and a public stoning ceremony for the perp but the way this one played out is, for a lack of a better word, “wtf”.

Didn’t know I would be typing so many “wtfs” on a Monday morning.

Anyhow, let me tell you how it all went down.

What happened (Part 1)

The incident apparently happened yesteryear November.

The victim, a 17-year-old boy responded to an online ad calling for participants to be part of a “body stimulation” research project, according to NTU’s student-run campus newspaper, the Nanyang Chronicle.

The ad had been posted on websites the likes of Gumtree, Locanto and Craiglist, alongside contact details of the NTU researcher.

The ads targeted male students in secondary schools and tertiary institutes.

So what is the said research project about?

“Body stimulation” project

In the name of science and research, this dubious research involved, “light sensation touches”.

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As quoted by the Nanyang Chronicle: “It said that “light restrain(t)s” would be applied during the experiment, “in order to achieve uniformity in results collection”.

The participants were offered a payment of $25 an hour, and an additional $10 per session if you are below 16 years old.

Okay now, that you know what the research entails, let’s continue the story.

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What happened (Part 2)

After coming across the aforementioned ad on Gumtree, they started WhatsApp-ing about the research.

The victim was informed that he would be tickled to gauge his body’s responsiveness to touch.

I mean, this might sound normal, but after watching the documentary, “Tickled”, you would think otherwise.

I implore you to watch it; it showcases the dark underbelly of this rather innocent fetish.

On top of that, he was told that for each item of clothing kept on during the experiment, the payment would decrease.


On Nov 13, at about 8 P.M., the victim met the researcher at the lobby of an NTU graduate hall. He was then told to take a shower and come out naked.

He was restrained for two hours, blindfolded and tied to a bed with a cloth. Allegedly, he was tickled for an hour and then the researcher stimulated his penis.

The researcher paid the victim $55 to masturbate, saying he did the same thing with a previous participant.

Image: tenor.com

The following day, he reported the incident to the police and mentioned that he acceded to the researcher’s request because he was a “big guy”.

The said school-run newspaper contacted the researcher through the ad which has since expired—the graduate student confirmed identity but denied his involvement with the said ads and his mobile number had been listed without his permission.

An NTU spokesperson said in a statement that there was no research project approved by the university.


“The University views academic and research misconduct as serious disciplinary offences. We are aware that the police is investigating this case, and we are assisting them in their investigations,” the spokesperson added.

On Jan 20, the 25-year-old graduate student was arrested.


Well, what a way to start a Monday.

And in the future, if you come across any shady ads, please know what you’re getting yourself into.

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