Ah Girls Go Army Has Brought in $1.67 Million in 10 Days & Its Sequel Will Be Out Soon


Huh? Yet another Ah Girls Go Army article?

We promise we’re not sponsored by Jack Neo. Seriously, even I’m in disbelief at how well the movie is doing when it’s been labelled “as funny as a positive coronavirus test”.

If you’re not caught up on the hate, our cat is here to give you a crash course:

Given how… lacking this movie is, you’ll understand why we just have to share this piece of news with you: Ah Girls has raked in $1.67 million at the box office in ten days.

And yes, a sequel is confirmed to be in the works.

Bad Reviews, But Still A Box Office Hit

People watched the trailers and said they won’t be watching the movie.


Then we were met with the theme song, to which many recoiled in horror over the choreography.

Then the movie was actually released, and all the critics’ reviews were basically pleas of don’t waste two hours of your life, go do something else. 

You’d think that with the new Ah Girls Army Song MV, people would have seriously blacklisted this movie from their to-watch list forever.

But of course, because it’s Jack Neo, he just raked in $1.67 million instead.

Neo also shared that the movie had made $1 million in Malaysia on 5 February, but he didn’t say whether it was Sing dollars or ringgit.

Continuing The ABTM Franchise’s Success

Ever since the first Ah Boys To Men (ABTM) movie came out in 2012, Singapore’s film scene has been cursed with military-themed movies for at least the next ten years.

The first four movies in the franchise have made more than $26.8 million in the box office, with ABTM4 earning $2 million four days after release in November 2017.

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While Ah Girls hasn’t hit $2 million yet, it has received an equal amount, if not more, hate than the original ABTM movies. Tosh Rock, one of the actors associated with the ABTM franchise, had since defended the movie on social media.

With so much hate and controversy surrounding the movie, the bad publicity might have contributed to the film’s success, with fence-sitters wanting to make their own judgement.

So to the keyboard warriors writing long comments full of hate: how does it feel to contribute to this film’s success?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jack Neo)


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