CAG Taking ‘Precautionary Measures’ After Reports of Stray Golf Ball Hitting a Visitor & Slippery Turns

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Just yesterday, we wrote about this unfortunate lady who was smacked in the head by a golf ball while walking along Jurassic Mile, the new park connecter near Changi Airport T4.

Image: Facebook

The golf ball had flown from a nearby country club’s golf course just beside the track.

And now, both Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Tanah Merah Country Club have responded to the incident.

CAG Taking ‘Precautionary Measures’ After Reports of Stray Golf Ball & Slippery Turns

After the “unfortunate” incident on Thursday, 22 Oct, CAG says that they’re now implementing further measures against errant golf balls.

One measure mentioned specifically is to put up safety nettings.

It was added that the accident on Thursday was the first of its kind, both CAG and Tanah Merah Country Club apologised for the incident.

Stray Golf Ball Issue Discussed Before

You know what they say, right? Only when things happen will people start taking action.

According to Facebook user Derek Yap who first bought the incident to light, he was told by a staff that the issue of stray golf balls was brought up when the track was being built.

However, safety nettings were never put up because the management of Tanah Merah Country Club had allegedly assured them that it would never happen because of the wind direction.

As Justin Bieber said, never said never.

Both Tanah Merah Country Club and CAG will be working together to improve the safety of the track.

Other Precautions Highlighted

Turns out, stray golf balls aren’t the only thing to watch out for.

According to The Straits Times, CAG will also be “resurfacing” some turns along the park connecter and putting up signs to warn users about slippery parts of the path.

Apparently, there were a few cyclists who slipped and fell at the turns during wet weather, although the exact number wasn’t reported.


A transport expert in infrastructure in Singapore said that there are many factors that could cause a cyclist to fall while making turns.

Wet weather, low tyre pressure, and even speeding while turning could contribute to a fall.

CAG added that their staff has also been deployed on the ground to ensure safe distancing and safety.

In the golf ball incident, a Certis Cisco officer who was nearby offered her assistance immediately and managed to get timely medical assistance for her.

Since the Jurassic Mile opened on 11 Oct 2020, a mere 2 weeks ago, many things have been happening at the track.

A dinosaur has already lost 4 teeth while a TikToker was caught on video abusing it.


Hopefully, the safety issue can be resolved soon because judging by photos uploaded by Yap, many people are visiting our little stretch of The Lost World.

Image: Facebook

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