Aggressive Crows Attacked 10 Passers-By in 20 Minutes in Bishan

Crows are a common sight in Singapore.

However, have you had a bunch of crows attack you for no reason before?

Bishan residents have had to endure crow attacks for the past week.

You would think weird animal encounters would occur in Yishun, not Bishan.

Attacked 10 Passers-By in 20 Minutes

According to Shin Min Daily News, the crows attacked ten passers-by in 20 minutes.

That’s about one person every two minutes, which sounds like a painful and terrifying ordeal.

If you’re scared of crows, the street you would want to avoid is Block 110 Bishan Street 12.

What Happened

With reports on the aggressive crows surfacing, Shin Min Daily News reporters headed down to Bishan Street 12 to find out what was happening.

The reporters noticed many crows perched on the lamppost next to the walkway along the street.

As a woman in her 20s walked by, a crow swooped down and pecked at her hair.

Terrified, she squatted down, covering her face with her free hand. 

When she tried standing up, the crow attacked again and pulled her hair.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

The reporters also spotted a young boy approaching the lamppost, prompting the crows to caw at him.

He initially hesitated to walk past in fear of the crows. However, he eventually mustered up the courage to do so anyway.

He was attacked but managed to dodge the crows.

Why Did the Crows Attack?

Apparently, the crows started behaving aggressively towards people out of the blue.

A resident uploaded a video onto STOMP that depicted a man getting attacked by crows on 12 February.

They told STOMP that crows were attacking passers-by all day. 

Reportedly, the crows have been attacking people unprompted for the past week.

The Shin Min Daily News reporters noticed that the crows would caw loudly at anyone who walked by the lamppost.

The crows have allegedly been very noisy for the past few days.

The reporters also noticed a crow who looked crippled.

Whenever people got too close, the other crows would caw loudly.

If these passers-by didn’t move away, two crows would swoop down and attack the unfortunate victims.

There are speculations that the area near the walkway is the crippled crow’s territory.


The Stomper said, “I am very worried about the old people and young children who can’t run away fast enough.”

They noted that the crows attacked other animals like dogs as well.

The matter has since been reported to the town council and NParks.

Update on the Situation

On 14 February, a spokesperson from Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council (BTPTC) told STOMP, “BTPTC last pruned the trees and removed the crow nests in the area on 10 February.”

“The Town Council has stepped up on conservancy efforts to reduce food sources in the area and is working closely with the agencies (NEA and NParks) to resolve the crows issue.”

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What to Do if You’re Attacked by Crows

There have been several incidents of animal attacks in Singapore over the years. 

In December 2022, a man was attacked by a wild boar while cycling, resulting in the need to undergo surgery and get stitches for his injuries. 

There have also been instances of otter attacks in Singapore, especially with the otter population increasing exponentially since 2019.

Amidst the increase in otter attacks in Singapore, NParks chose to relocate the otters away from residential areas and otter-proof people’s homes in October 2022.

Crows are unique as they can remember faces and hold grudges.

According to NParks, they can be particularly aggressive from May to June, when their fledglings are learning to fly.

In addition, crows are territorial and highly protective of their young.

Since it is not fledgling season yet, the crows in question were probably protecting their territory. 

Thus, if you’re attacked, take a different route and avoid trees where the crows are roosting.

If you encounter hostile crows, you should call the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) at 1800-476-1600. 

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Featured Image: Google Maps + Shin Min Daily News