Dee Hsu’s Husband Caught Behaving Intimately With Another Woman But Dee Hsu Still Gave the Same Answer

Dee Hsu (also known as Xiao S) and her husband, Mike Hsu, have been married for 17 years and they have three daughters together.

However, after their marriage, rumours about Mike Hsu having extramarital affairs would surface from time to time.

A few days ago, Taipei paparazzis exposed photographs of Mike being surrounded by three women.

In one of the photos taken at the hotel, he was holding onto the waist of the woman in a white skirt, his head moving closer to her ear as he said something. His entire body was also leaning forward, and they looked extremely intimate.

Towards the rumours aired by paparazzi Ge Siqi, Dee jokingly said: “Eat more, talk less.”

This happened during a banquet event where Dee was giving out culinary delicacies on Friday (27 Aug).

The New Rumour

The day before (26 Aug), Ge Siqi exposed photographs of Mike Hsu at a hotel during a livestream.

The paparazzi described Mike as a “big benefactor” of the hotel, who possesses good alcohol tolerance, and had ambiguous relations with many women.

In response to these allegations, Dee immediately said, “My husband is not a public figure. [I] won’t be answering any questions pertaining to him in the future, thank you.”

Mike Hsu gave the same answer shortly after.

Some netizens took to Ge Siqi’s Facebook to leave their comments, stating that if Ge Siqi is trying to purify (the showbiz scene), improve transparency, and righteously stand up for the victims, he is doing a good thing.

Or maybe, he was just revealing the true colours of certain individuals.

However, the netizens also get the sense that Dee Hsu is cognizant of her husband’s private affairs and there is no need for Ge Siqi to do more than is required.

Ge Siqi responded, “As a news reporter, those with influence need to be scrutinised!”

The Many Rumours Surrounding Mike Hsu

In the past, Mike Hsu was exposed for having a meal with Russian hostesses.

Mike openly admitted that he was having a meal, but those were his friends, not hostesses.

He added, “Thank you for believing the truth in the information. There were a lot of friends at the table that day, so it’s hard for me to specify who were friends exactly, but I do know that she is accepting dinner parities in private. I received a tip; I can only say that paparazzi can’t come up with cases without any money. There’s nothing more to this, sorry if it has offended anyone.”

Months prior, Barbie Hsu, Dee Hsu’s sister, and South Korean musician DJ Koo had a flash marriage that attracted a great deal of attention.

At the same time, all kinds of marital troubles that Barbie Hsu had with Wang Xiaofei were also dredged up, thus turning what was originally a peaceful divorce into a whole circus act.

Many photographs of Wang Xiaofei going on dates with Zhang Yingying were exposed.

Ever since then, Wang Xiaofei has been stamped with the label “scumbag”.

While the Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei divorce drama was brewing, netizens would also bring Mike Hsu into the mix because of his past history.

Under the suspicion that Mike might also be a scumbag, the netizens mused that if the photos of Mike Hsu embracing another woman was placed on Wang Xiaofei’s person, he would have been drowned by public opinion a long time ago.

The biggest problem with Mike Hsu is that rumours of him being in the company of beautiful women would pop up every year, without fail. There was even one instance where a woman personally exposed the fact that she received a red packet from Mike Hsu.

Besides that, Mike Hsu was also exposed for flying overseas on his lonesome and being in the company of a beautiful lady at a hotel which was owned by Hong Kong-Canadian actress and singer Carina Lau, while his wife was pregnant with his child.

Alas, Dee would always stand up to clear the rumours for her husband every time, saying that they were standing close together at the hotel because the noise was too loud and they couldn’t hear each other properly, or the woman was a friend she knew, so on and so forth.

In summary, whenever Dee was giving a clarification, she would always insist that Mike Hsu loved her.

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Netizens Calling Dee “Tolerant”

Of course, public opinion never rests.

Netizens have mocked Dee for being “tolerant”, claiming that they have seen through her pretense. It appears that she is sparing no effort to maintain Mike Hsu’s dignity.

One netizen even recalled that during one of Dee’s livestreams, Mike had shouted at her from outside the camera view, saying, “Can you stop for a while! It’s disgusting!”

In spite of that, she immediately explained to her audience that her husband was joking.

There were other netizens who revealed that during another livestream, her youngest daughter suddenly ran over to show her concern to Dee, saying, “Does it hurt here, Daddy is hitting your face too hard.”

Dee tried to brush it off by saying that a child’s words carry no harm, before stopping the livestream.

Some netizens genuinely believe that Dee Hsu could take a leaf out of her older sister’s book.

After all, if Barbie Hsu can manage to break off her old marriage in a clean and resolute manner and welcome a better life, Dee Hsu should be able to do the same to Mike Hsu.

However, it seems like she is still choosing to swallow her anger and come up with excuses.

Given her behaviour, quite a few people feel that she is doing this because family is incredibly important to her, or because she feels guilty for not giving birth to a son for Mike Hsu.

No matter what the truth is, the Hsu couple appear to be the type who prefer to deal with these rumours in private. 

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