Husband Blamed Wife for Being Infertile But She Got Pregnant With Another Guy Instead


Being blamed for infertility by someone you love can hurt. A lot.

That was what happened to a 32-year-old Malaysian woman.

The story came about from a doctor who uploaded a tweet on 7 October 2020.

You may be wondering why this tweet has risen from the depths of Twitter. It’s because Sin Chew Daily, a Chinese-language newspaper from Malaysia, dug it up.

For five years in her marriage, she couldn’t get pregnant. Instead of comforting her or coming up with other options, her husband chose to scold her.

It wasn’t long till the wife fell into depression. I mean, if the man you loved started to blame you for things out of your control, you’d feel horrible too.

This was when she decided to cheat on her husband of five years. It may have been out of spite or perhaps she fell in love with another man because of how badly she was being treated.

But shocking news came to the Malaysian woman after her affair.

She was pregnant.

And it wasn’t her husband’s.

She went to a doctor for an abortion but was rejected. Instead, she was referred to a counsellor to find an alternative with her husband.

The tweet did not mention if the couple was able to get an abortion or if they had a divorce afterwards but the incident is sure to have left a mark on their relationship.

How Common is Infidelity in Marriage?

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15 per cent of married women and 25 per cent of married men cheat on their significant other.

The percentage increases by 20 per cent if affairs with no sexual intercourse are included.

While the percentage is high, that doesn’t mean that all partners will choose to conduct affairs.

Then how Common is Infertility in Singapore?

In Singapore, one in six couples also experience infertility.


40 per cent of which are caused by a sperm factor, another 40 per cent is found in the female reproductive system and the remaining percentage is a mixture of both causes.

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