Dee Kosh Turns His New Video Private & Removes All IG Posts About the Video

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“I’m Finally Ready to Talk.”

Okay, maybe he was. But he certainly isn’t now.

After much hoo-ha and anticipation from Singaporeans, local YouTuber (or former YouTuber, according to his job title on Wikipedia) Dee Kosh released his first video on Wednesday (26 January) in almost two years.

Dee Kosh is currently facing seven charges, including communicating with a minor to obtain their sexual services, sexually exploiting a minor as well as possessing and making obscene videos. If you want to know more information regarding the charges, head on over here.

With cancel culture being rampant in today’s society, many celebrities who’ve gotten “cancelled” by the public have simply vanished from the scene, whether it’s shifting their focus to work behind the camera or just exiting the industry as a whole.

But Dee Kosh’s different.

So grab your popcorn, and go search up the video to watch-

Oh wait. Never mind.

Dee Kosh Turns New Video Private; Removes All Instagram Posts About Video

To those who’ve watched the video, you probably still remember what he discussed. But for those who didn’t, we’ve got you covered too with our very own summary:

YouTube video

But basically, the whole TL;DR version of his video was that:

  • He’s not a pedophile.
  • The media twisted his charges, he never actually had sexual relationships with minors. He only attempted to. (Er, you get to judge how valid this point is lah.)
  • He’ll be pleading guilty to the charges. (He also joked about making a video in Changi Prison. I’ll also let you judge how interesting a Changi Prison room tour might be…)

For a more detailed description, we’ve got you covered too here.

Okay, so at least that’s settled.

But shortly after he posted the video, he changed the privacy settings to private.

His Instagram posts related to the video, including a teaser with the sentence “I’m Finally Ready to Talk”, were all taken down as well.

His most recent Instagram post now is his apology post, which he posted in August 2020 after the allegations first surfaced.


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Of course, Singaporeans are the fastest at catching up with news like this. To no one’s surprise, there has been an angry outpour of comments by netizens demanding to know why he deleted his video on his most recent post, viewing it as a cowardly act.

Many also said that he was only sorry that he got caught.

His next hearing is adjourned to March, so maybe we’ll get another video then? Maybe he’ll finally be ready to talk and keep the video up. Who knows.

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