S’pore Woman Used Hammer to Hit Sleeping Father’s Head Out of Anger


We often read articles in the news about rage incidents.

In South Korea, there was the Korean Air heiress who went nuts about nuts.

In Australia, there was the husband who killed his wife out of “jealous rage”.

In Singapore, we have the incident of Ms Kshivadarrshini Karunanethi hitting her 53-year-old father on the head with a 34-cm hammer after she found out he drank at home.

Father Drinks At Home Despite Daughter’s Warnings Not To

This unfortunate case stemmed from the woman’s father drinking at home.

The woman had previously warned her father not to drink at home as he had a tendency to soil himself after getting intoxicated, which required herself, her sister or her mother to attend to him.

Remember all those instances of cleaning up after your friends after a late night out partying at Clarke Quay?

Our hearts go out to Ms Karunanethi when we put ourselves in her shoes—it’s almost never an enviable position to be the one cleaning up after others.

On 6 January 2020, she decided that enough was enough.

Woman Hits Father With Hammer Out Of Rage

I guess it’s true that empty vessels make the most noise.

On 6 January 2020, the woman realised that her father was drinking at home after she heard the sound of empty beer cans falling in the living room.

Upon seeing her father drinking at home in the living room and paying no heed to her previous warnings against drinking at home, the woman grabbed a hammer from a drawer and swung the hammer against his head at least three to four times. 

After the incident, the father woke up with bleeding in his head.

Ms Karunanethi then called the police to turn herself in, confessing to the police that she had assaulted her father with a hammer and describing his condition to the police—conscious but bleeding from the head.

Based on the assessment from the medical personnel at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, it was found that the father suffered head injuries including a skull fracture and a 4 cm cut on his head. 

He was warded at the hospital but has since been discharged.


It turns out that this isn’t Ms Karunanethi’s run in with the law.

Woman’s Run-In With The Law

You’ve hit the hammer on the head if you’ve expected legal action to be taken against the woman.

For hitting her father repeatedly on the head, the woman has been charged in court for one charge of voluntarily causing hurt.

She has since pleaded guilty and has to return to court for the judge to determine her sentence.

Part of Ms Karunanethi’s defence relies on the tight link between her mental state of mind at the time of the attack and her regrettable actions, with the defense relying on a psychiatric report to substantiate this link.


For this instance of voluntarily causing hurt by attacking someone with a hammer, Ms Karunanethi is looking at a maximum imprisonment term of up to three years, a fine of up to $5,000, or a double whammy of both punishments.

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