Funan Mall Shop’s Employees Consumed Food Sent Wrongly by Food Delivery Rider

“There’s no free lunch in this world.”

That is unless you’re working at Butter Bean Funan. 

Funan Mall Shop’s Employees Consumed Food Sent Wrongly by Food Delivery Rider

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (28 December), a user named Duong Hoan recounted that the staff at Butter Bean Funan consumed food that wasn’t meant for them.

Meaning to deliver to another shop in the mall, Duong Hoan mistakenly brought the food to Butter Bean instead. 

Instead of owning up and returning the food, the workers casually accepted it and ate it. 

Duong Hoan later received a call from the shop where she was supposed to deliver the food. They complained that they didn’t receive the order, and it was then that she found out she had given the food to the wrong location. 

Afterwards, according to her, she returned to Butter Bean 20 minutes later and asked for the food back, but the staff members had already consumed it. 

Exploring a different route, she asked them to pay for the food instead. To her dismay, the hungry hippos refused to foot the $28. 

“I’m just a food delivery rider; please return the food box or pay me for the food,” she said. 

Even after insisting, the Butter Bean staff were adamant about enjoying their free lunch and did not pay up. 

“I’m disappointed with these people. I now need to compensate $28 to the shop. My day is ruined,” she wrote in the post that has since been deleted. 

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Butter Bean’s Investigation

After numerous complaints on various social media platforms, Butter Bean launched an investigation into the situation. 

Their CCTV footage revealed the female delivery personnel was entering the store at around 10 am. Almost 2.5 hours later, that same woman returned to the store at 12.28 pm demanding the money

Yes, 2.5 hours later, not 20 minutes, ahem. 

Explaining why the staff members had consumed the fried chicken, they said the staff merely assumed the package was from one of their regular customers who would occasionally send snacks to their store. 

From this incident, Butter Bean has stepped up its staff training to “prevent similar incidents from happening again.”

Butter Bean 

Butter Bean is a coffee chain owned by the BreadTalk Group. Think of Kopitiam, but Gen Z. The halal shop serves thick IG-worthy toasts, loaded sandwiches, and delectable mains. 

Not to mention, its drinks are phenomenal. It offers various local favourites, both hot and cold, to suit everyone’s tastebuds. 

Image: Facebook (Butter Bean)

Currently, it has three outlets in Singapore: Funan, VivoCity, and Seletar Mall. 

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