How Parchment Paper for Air Fryer Works


Air fryers are one of the must-buy cooking appliances at home. Thanks to its technology of using hot air and a fan, lesser cooking oil is required, making your food healthier. 

Air fryers also significantly reduce cooking time and can be used for multiple functions— from roasting vegetables to cooking meats, or even baking.

If you are running out of recipe ideas, there are a ton of cooking ideas that can be done with the air fryer’s magic.

Worried about the cost? No worries; air fryers are now so affordable, you can buy one for less than $50. Here’s one for your reference!

However, the hardest part about cooking with an air fryer is probably the cleaning-up process.

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Just look at all the dirt and food residue that you probably have to spend plenty of time cleaning up. 

How Parchment Paper for Air Fryer Works

Good news for you if you dislike the tedious process of cleaning your air fryer.

Before the invention of parchment paper shaped for air fryers, some people used aluminum foil, but that’s so yesterday.

But with these paper linings, all you need to do is to lay them on your air fryer and it prevents food from sticking to it. The paper is oil-proof, water-proof and nonstick.

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You’ll just have to throw away the paper lining after use, saving the time spent cleaning up afterwards.

The paper lining can also be used for baking, baking, frying or holding food.

And oh, you don’t need to add oil to the paper to prevent the food from sticking to it; as mentioned, they’re non-stick!

Talk about the greatest invention in the world, eh?

And it’s affordable: you can get them on Shopee from just S$1.07 for 10 pieces.

Trust us, you will probably use these all the time after you tried them.

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