Mediacorp Actor Desmond Tan Got ‘Robbed’ in Italy & Wonders If He Should Make a Police Report


Singapore is a safe country.

Rarely do we see cases of theft or robbery. While we relish in our nation’s security, it is essential to remember that other countries don’t have it so lucky. 

A Singaporean actor’s incident elucidates this. 

Mediacorp Actor Desmond Tan Got ‘Robbed’ in Italy 

On a trip to Italy, Mediacorp Actor Desmond Tan had his backpack stolen while on a train. Said backpack contained valuables, such as his laptop and his money for the trip. 

Apart from those, there were other miscellaneous items, but he said they were replaceable. 

On 12 December, he uploaded an Instagram story sharing his predicament. 

Besides letting viewers know about his loss, he reminded them to be careful in their travels. 

Image: @thedesmondtan / Instagram

What Now

In a follow-up story, he sought the opinions of those that have shared a similar experience as him in the past. 

He also hints that a police report will be made and asks viewers for advice regarding the scenario and other means he should pursue.

Image: @thedesmondtan / Instagram

At the time of writing, there have been no further updates regarding the situation. 

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Not His First Rodeo

If you thought this was bad enough, well, it isn’t. 

Apparently, the actor has been in a similar situation before. In Italy, it was theft. In Bali, it was a robbery. 

On 6 March 2020, he posted on Instagram that he had been robbed of his phone and warned people to ignore any “unusual messages” from his phone.

When interviewed by Lianhe Wanbao, he recounted the incident’s breakdown. He was riding a motorcycle with a friend back to their vacation villa and was trailed by two men on a bike. 

Slowly, another motorcycle with two men appeared and surrounded the victim. One of them reached out to grab his phone and quickly fled. 


Initially, he accelerated and tried to chase the robbers but was stopped by his friend, who worried the situation could escalate into more danger. 

Looking back, he said: “I’m blessed to walk out of this whole robbery without any injuries. It could be worse. Whatever it is, I choose to forgive the robbers and pray that they will one day turn over a new leaf and lead better lives.”

He added that he still loves Bali and its people. 

With the Italy incident, will he still remain sanguine? 


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Featured Image: @thedesmondtan / Instagram