Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Unveils New Hello Kitty EZ-Charm To Celebrate Her 45th Anniversary


Hey, you know whose year it is?

Definitely not yours, loser. 

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Well, although it has definitely not been my year, it definitely is Hello Kitty’s!

This year is Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary, and there have been multiple promotions and special products released, like the Hello Kitty Carriers that took Singapore by storm.

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Hello Kitty EZ-Charms On Shopee

EZ-Link has previously teased us with so many different designs of EZ-charms and EZ-link cards. Most recently, EZ-Link unveiled Gudetama card designs to celebrate Christmas. And prior to that, they launched My Melody EZ-charms for the convenient usage of public transport.

But well this time, in the spirit of commemorating her 45th birthday, Hello Kitty has collaborated with EZ-Link once again to release a new product of Hello Kitty – an EZ-Charm!

hello kitty
Image: Shopee
hello kitty
Image: Shopee

Looks like many poor boyfriends will be pressured into buying something a little extra this Christmas season eh. 


The EZ-Charm is basically an EZ-Link card in trinket form.

It has the same function as regular EZ-Link cards and can be used on buses, trains, taxis, and retail payment.

Just like how you would tap your card, now you can just tap the Hello Kitty charm!

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However, note that most of these charms only have a three-year validity from your first top-up, after which they become a keychain.

Which is not really that bad, especially if you’re a fan of Hello Kitty. 

So Where Can I Get Them?

You can get these cute little charms on the EZ-Link Store on Shopee. So say goodbye to having to queue up at the various Transit Link offices only for them to tell you that they’ve unfortunately run out of stock.

These EZ-Charms are selling at $16.90, while stock lasts. Unfortunately, like other EZ-charms that were previously released, they come without any load value so if you would like to use these charms in replacement of your EZ-link, you would have to top up additional credit.

So hurry on down to the Shopee website and get yourself this cute af cat charm. Or maybe, you know, you can always get it for surprise someone special.

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