Everything About This Kiasu Aunty Who’s Stealing Everyone’s Heart

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Last week, Giant Singapore crowned Tampines as Singapore’s most kiasu town.

To commemorate that dignified title, Giant threw a grand giveaway at Tampines where there were free goodies up for grabs the likes of Milo, Paddle Pop, Pocket Tissues and more.

For those who were busy binge-watching Stranger Things over the weekend and missed the kiasu giveaway, don’t fret.

There is a new kiasu aunty in town to keep you in the loop about all the discounts Giant has to offer.

Okay, maybe not that new because she has been appearing in Giant outlets all over Singapore, and has invaded into our social media with her…her…local style.

She goes by the name of Lobang Queen, and she is just like every other Singaporean aunty you will come across: she has a penchant for good deals and discounts.

Posted by Giant Super Savers Club on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I think I just found every Singaporean’s spirit animal.

Possibly the new mascot for Giant Singapore, she gives out nuggets of wisdom.

They honestly look like motivational posters.

Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

I mean who is not guilty of this one?

Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

This aunty really has no chill.

Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

Inspiring you to be the best kiasu you can be.


Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

So I went to their Facebook page to check how deep are their lobangs.

Get it?


Everyone who knows me, knows I love avocados but they are so pricey.

Just yesterday I spent almost seven bucks for 3 avocados.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

And to see this on their wall…

Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

4 avocados for $5.25!?! That is like around $1.30 for one avocado!


I am sold!

I will be shopping for avocados at Giant from now onwards. And I’m so going to follow Lobang Aunty.

So to know more about these amazing deals, you should sign up for the Giant Super Savers Club where Lobang Aunty will dish up the hottest and freshest “lobangs’ in all Giant outlets.

Or you could just check out their Facebook page as well!


So, in other words, Lobang Aunty is created by Giant to do what she has just done to me: make me interested in her, provide deals in Giant and finally, make me spend some money.

Marketing done right.

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Featured Image: Giant Super Savers Club Facebook

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