FDW Cut Her Own Throat to Look Like There Was a Break-In to Steal from Employer


Lights, camera, action.

Around 2 am on 10 October, a thief broke into a house, attacked the family’s helper, and then stole valuables.

The helper sustained injuries like cuts to her neck and back.

Here’s the plot twist: there was no thief.

Setting the Scene

At the centre of this dramatic night: the helper of the house.

Her name? Gonzales Amor Coy. Her age? 45.

From the Philippines, Gonzales was employed in February 2019. She was the second helper in the house–the first had been employed since 2011.


In the three-bedroom house, she slept in the master bedroom, her fellow helper slept in the utility room, and her elderly female employer slept in one of the other bedrooms.

Life was normal, but only for a while.

The Crime

Leading up to the “break-in” was some time in 2019 after Gonzales was employed when she stole $350 from her fellow helper.

As a result, the other helper took her valuables (including three pairs of gold earrings) and entrusted them to their employer for safekeeping.


These were locked in a drawer in the master bedroom. Conveniently, this drawer also held the employer’s mother’s valuables and jewellery.

And it must have been one of the most expensive drawers because the total value of the valuables in it was worth over $11,000.

Also conveniently, Gonzales was aware that her employer had kept the key to the drawer in a bedside drawer in her own room.

The Timeline

The plan to steal the valuables was hatched in September 2022. And what a plan it was.

There were two parts to Gonzales’ plan.

In mapping out her plan to steal the valuables, Gonzales planned to disguise the whole event as a break-in in order to avoid suspicion.

In preparation for the crime, she purchased scissors and a screwdriver on 3 October.

On 7 October at around 8 pm, she went into her employer’s bedside drawer and stole the key to the locked drawer by using a handkerchief.

She then proceeded to steal the valuables from the drawer in the master bedroom, before wrapping them in the handkerchief and hiding the package behind a cabinet.

She had done it, the valuables were stolen and the first part of her plan was perfectly executed.


Now, all that was left to do was for her to pin the blame on someone else.

The “Break-in”

The second part of Gonzales’ plan would commence just three days after she had stolen the valuables.

On 10 October at around 2 am, Gonzales worked to set up an elaborate crime scene for the police to find. And she really worked to ensure there would be no holes in her story, she thought of everything.

So as to make it appear as if she had truly been attacked by a person who had broken in, she first cut herself on the left side of her neck and back with the scissors she had bought.

A truly dedicated actress, she also opened the window in her room in order to make it look like someone had climbed in from the ground floor.

To really sell the story of a break-in, Gonzales pushed a figurine in her room down to the ground floor such that it would break. She also put the scissors and screwdriver on the floor of her room.


Everything was ready.


Crying out for help to the other helper, Gonzales claimed that a man had broken in and then attacked her.

Upon hearing the commotion, their employer called the police, who arrived at the house in under an hour.

A total of seventeen police officers (which included a K-9 team and a forensics team) were present at the scene.

Gonzales explained the alleged set of events that had taken place to the police, that a man had climbed into her room, cut her, and stolen valuables from the locked drawer.


She also added that the scissors and screwdriver on the floor were not hers.

In assessing the crime scene, the police patrolled the area and reviewed police camera footage from nearby. They were there working at the scene till seven in the morning.


Dog Hero

During the investigations, the police (surprise, surprise) did not find that the window had been tampered with. This was already strange.

But it was nothing compared to what the K-9 found.

The K-9 sniffer dog traced the scissors to Gonzales’ fingers. It was a major breakthrough.

The very same day, at 5 pm, Gonzales and her employer were brought back to the house by the police to re-enact the break-in and to comb through the house again.


The police then confronted Gonzales with the evidence they had found, and she caved, admitting to lying about the events.

The show was over.


The police found all of the stolen valuables, except for a gold necklace Gonzales had pawned. Using that money, she bought a gold pendant, gold earrings, and a gold-plated wristwatch, which were all recovered.

The Charges

On Thursday, Gonzales was imprisoned for ten months after she pled guilty to one count each of theft in dwelling as well as giving false information to the police.

She could have been given a prison sentence of up to seven years and fined for theft in dwelling and she could also have been given a prison sentence of up to two years and fined for lying to the police.

Another charge for theft was also considered for sentencing.

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