Why Felicia Chin Has to Highlight That She’s Not Pregnant After Announcing Her Wedding Date

Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu’s wedding date, 22 October, is a mere three months from when they got engaged on 29 July.

And yep, Chin knows that everyone is thinking: fast wedding means shotgun marriage… which she promptly debunked. In fact, she has a way cuter reason for the date.

“No, I’m Not Pregnant”

When they announced the wedding date, the first thing that was on everyone’s mind was: wah, so fast ah?

In a recent Instagram post, Chin said, “Yes it’s super fast we know. And no I’m not pregnant,” together with laughing emojis.

She shared that she felt the need to clarify this because many people have asked her why the rush to get married. “So might as well address what may be going through people’s minds, right?”

Two Is Always Better Than One

Chin explained why they chose to get married in October, saying that it’s a special month for them as both their birthdays fall in this month.

Also, there’s the typical Asian parent behaviour of asking engaged couples why cannot faster get married??, which contributed to their decision as well.

Chin added that 221022 is a really cute date too, and that “2 is always better than 1”, mirroring their TikTok account username.

The Proposal at Night Safari

They have been dating for the past seven years, and when Chin recently announced her decision to end her Mediacorp contract to work at a Chinese-language faith-based platform, she revealed that she and Xu were going through pre-marital counselling sessions.

Xu proposed to Chin at the Night Safari back in end-July, which is extra cute considering how Chin’s childhood dream is to become a zookeeper.

The most romantic revelation in the interview is perhaps the fact that he was ready to propose to Chin as far back as four to five years ago.

He admits that he prepared the ring a few years back, even going as far as divulging to the local media at one Star Awards ceremony that he already bought the ring.

Xu envisioned a sapphire on the engagement ring because Xu was akin to “a precious gem in [his] life” and the centrepiece had to be surrounded by smaller diamonds because it would feel “kind of insincere” to propose without diamonds.


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Simple Church Wedding

According to Chin’s post, the couple will be having a simple church wedding.

Wedding invites haven’t been sent yet, and she called themselves “total noobs at handling a wedding”.

We wish the couple all the best for their upcoming wedding!

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Featured Image: Instagram (Felicia Chin)