Funeral Parlour Allegedly Disrespected Bodies By Putting Them on the Ground


Every industry has a dark side, even those that don’t look like they can get any darker or creepier.

And that applies to the funeral parlour industry as well.

Recently, an anonymous tip-off given to Shin Min Daily News exposed a funeral parlour in Singapore after photographs of it mishandling the bodies of the deceased were exposed.

The parlour, which was unnamed, is operating at Sin Ming Drive.

The anonymous individual who provided the tip-off is apparently a worker of another funeral parlour.

Here’s what you need to know about what he found out.

Funeral Parlour Placed Bodies on Floor Instead of Embalming Tables

According to the person, a photograph taken in that funeral parlour was sent to him.

The photograph was of an embalming room with five bodies in it.

But here’s the big no-no: two bodies were placed on the room’s floor.

The other three bodies were placed on the embalming tables present in the room.

When speaking of the photo, the person said that the parlour’s act of putting the bodies on the floor was “very disrespectful to the dead”.

Additionally, based on the National Environmental Agency (NEA) ‘s guidelines for how funeral parlours should handle the deceased with dignity, care and decorum, the deceased should be placed on a “designated table [or] stretcher” at all times.

“The deceased shall not be placed on the finished floor level at ALL times,” NEA noted in the guidelines.

Some Funeral Parlours Transport Multiple Bodies Together

And that’s not all there is to the funeral parlour industry.

Another industry insider revealed to Shin Min that some funeral parlours tend to transport multiple bodies together.


According to that insider, such a method of transportation should not happen at all.

“Normally, it’s one body per vehicle. What if one of the deceased is a single female, and her body is transported together with a male’s? How do we answer the family?” the insider questioned.

Overcrowding of Bodies in Funeral Parlours and Embalmers in Singapore

However, it seems like such issues aren’t uncommon in the funeral parlour industry in Singapore, and that overcrowding is a severe matter faced by some in the industry.

Based on the information given by the insider, some embalmers have to breach these regulations to ensure that they can carry out their services for all the bodies they receive.

This is mainly because most embalmers provide embalming services for more than one funeral parlour.


Additionally, some embalming rooms are small and can only house a maximum of three embalming tables, increasing the likelihood of overcrowding in these embalming rooms.

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Netizens’ Comments

In the comments section of Shin Min’s Facebook post of the article, several netizens expressed their anger at the parlours’ unprofessionalism.

“If there’s really a manpower shortage, they shouldn’t take in so many bodies. Putting the deceased on the floor is extremely disrespectful; they should be treated respectfully. This is very unprofessional of them,” one commenter wrote.

However, others pointed out that the personnel in the photo had only done so out of “desperation” and overcrowding.

“What can they do if there’s no place to put the bodies? It’s not like they have space [on the tables] to put the bodies and chose not to do so,” one Facebook user pointed out.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News