After a Year, The Identity of Human Skeleton Found Under Kallang Bahru Bridge is Still Unknown

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Locally, there are only less than 20 cases of unsolved persons cases to date.

And if BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime was a thing in Singapore, I reckon this case would be covered.

Lest you didn’t know, it’s an American show that has a humorous take on unsolved crimes, and historical bizarre incidences.

Typically, the authorities in Singapore would be able to decipher the identity of someone found. This time around, however, one person still “remains unknown”.

Human Skeleton Found Under Kallang Bahru Bridge

In early November 2020, workers were constructing scaffolding under Kallang Bahru bridge. It was a part of a contract issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Around noon, one worker spotted a skull in a space underneath the bridge. He immediately called for assistance, and the LTA and police arrived at the scene shortly after.

Police officers found skeletonised remains dispersed around the top of a support beam.

In close proximity of the skeleton, police also found the following:

  • A shirt
  • Underwear
  • Three chunks of hair
  • Some hair strands

Along the riverbank, several artefacts were also discovered. They include:

  • A suitcase with a pair of jeans, a set of underwear, a belt & a single sock
  • A brown bag with some faded receipts
  • A black and white striped bag

In case you’re wondering, nope. The faded receipts did not consist of any useful information.

The police tried calling the telephone numbers in the brown bag but the recipients could not give any details.

Authorities have also cross-checked with the 18 unsolved missing person cases but to no avail. The only evidence suggests that the deceased may have been in his 30s to 60s and died at least six months to a year before his discovery.

On Wednesday (12 Jan), State Coroner Adam Nakhoda proclaimed an open verdict to the case.

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Unsolved Missing Person Cases

Among the 18 unsolved missing persons that were cross-checked, only four fit the bill involving men aged 30 to 60.

  • Case #1 – Mr LKS, reported missing on Aug 26, 2019

He was last seen by his family in 1997. The police deemed that the chances of a DNA match between Mr LKS’ son and the deceased is low. The reason was because Mr LKS had been missing for a long time prior to November 2020.

  • Case #2 – Mr NHS, reported missing on July 5, 2010

He was last seen by his family in 2009. The police found he was not likely to be the deceased. Mr NHS’ sister mentioned that he had crooked teeth, and that did not match the remains of the deceased.

  • Case #3 – Mr NY, reported missing on March 20, 2020

The Chinese national was reported missing when he failed to show up for work in Singapore. CCTV footage on 29 Jan 2021 showed a positive match with Mr NY. He was hence ruled out.

  • Case #4 – Mr CYW, reported missing on March 4, 2020

Similarly to case #3, a CCTV footage face search matched Mr CYW. A blood and DNA sample by Mr CYW’s father also did not match the deceased.

The conclusion? Like what the US would say, it’s still unknown.

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