Actor Ian Fang Posted a Cryptic ‘Thank You’ Post on Instagram

Ian Fang, one of the “8 Dukes of Caldecott Hill”, just turned 33.

And he had a lot of people to thank, including his haters.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

Ian Fang Posted Cryptic “Thank You” Post on Instagram

On Tuesday (13 Dec), Mediacorp actor Ian Fang shared a black and white photo of himself on Instagram alongside a lengthy caption written in Chinese.

The 33-year-old starts the caption by thanking those who have wished him a happy birthday before reflecting on how his year has been.

He describes his year as neither good nor bad.

Well, you’re out of luck Ian; that’s how everyone’s year has been.

The actor also said in Chinese: “Thank you to those who have scolded me, thank you to those who have loved me, thank you to those who have never left me, thank you to those who will always support me!”

He then talks about how he’ll always be the same Ian Fang that he has always been, despite continual changes in the world and the times.

The 33-year-old adds that he will always stay true to who he is.

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In the caption, the actor apologises to those he’s wronged while also asking those who have wronged him to get to know him anew.

This is even more cryptic than SNSD’s Taeyeon’s Instagram post from a month ago…

“Thank you to my mentors, thank you to my fans, thank you to my haters…”

The actor also added: “Thank you to my mentors, thank you to my fans, thank you to my haters and thank you for everything I’ve experienced thus far.”

Perhaps he’s preparing for a Star Awards 2023 speech?

Well, we’re not quite sure about that, given that he hasn’t been active in the local showbiz scene.

The last drama that Fang appeared in was The Unbreakable Bond, where he acted alongside Mediacorp drama veterans like Guo Liang and Richard Low. The drama premiered earlier in May this year.

Perhaps that could explain why he included this in his Instagram post: “I haven’t filmed in so long, I’ve constantly been improving myself, waiting for the chance to be rediscovered again”.

Previously, the actor was cast in iconic Mediacorp dramas like The Dream Makers and Tiger Mum.

Well, we wish you all the best, Ian.

Actor Recently Started Selling Hair Wax

Fang also started selling hair wax recently through his brand “First Attempt”. The brand, which started in 2013, initially sold streetwear.

The hair wax currently retails at $14.90.

With any luck, his hair wax business won’t meet the same end as the restaurant he once co-owned, House of Mu.

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