Jack Neo’s 2023 CNY Movie Will Not Be About Army or Life in the 80s

Jack Neo is famous for his army movies and Singaporeans may think that it is a norm for him to release one every year during Chinese New Year.

Just think about the various Ah Boys to Men and Ah Girls Go Army movies, and they can be as long as a Taiwan Ah Cheng drama.

However, the upcoming movie that he plans to release for Chinese New Year 2023, will be taking a different route, but still very relatable to most Singaporeans.


It’s about durians.

Love it or hate it, it is a fruit that is both Singapore and Malaysia is known for.

His new movie, The King of Musang King, which is now in production, features notable actors such as Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Glenn Yong, and also himself.

Yes, the same Glenn Yong who acted in Ah Girls Go Army, and was also involved in a saga. Watch this to the end to know more about the saga:

About the Movie

The plot of the movie will be about how the Musang King Durian is cultivated and the process whereby how the Musang King Durians reach the average consumer in Singapore.

In the movie, a Malaysian woman who was dumped by her husband tends to a durian plantation left by her late father while raising three children.

The woman then starts to have feelings for her childhood friend, who has been her secret admirer for many years.

However, her ex-husband, who previously ran away with a Vietnamese woman, came back to the durian plantation after he figured out that the Vietnamese was only after his money.

The movie focuses on family and the cultivation of durians, and will be filmed in the state of Pahang, which is one of the highest produces of the fruit.

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Durians are Props, Not Food

One difficulty during the filming of the movie was the lack of durians.

As it is currently not the durian season, the number of durians that can be cultivated is very few.


This essentially means that the crew members, who are fans of the fruit (who isn’t?), are not able to eat the durians, which are considered props, something that most durian lovers find torturous.

This predicament led to one of the actors, Yeo, to an interesting idea, which is to come up with her own scene, where she presumably eats the durian that was given to her as a prop.

Wow, this really shows how far one can think just for a taste of The King of Fruits.

Also, to know why durian smells like heaven to us but like farts to foreigners, watch this to the end:

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