Woman Jailed for Going to Collect 4D Winnings While Under COVID-19 Quarantine

It appears that the District Court is finally starting to process the COVID-19 law violations.

Yesterday (7 Sep), the Badge Lady was charged again for failing to wear her mask when she was supposed to.

On the same day, Ang Siew Wah, 66, was sentenced to jail for nine weeks as she failed to isolate herself despite being a close contact of a COVID-19 positive patient last year.

Not only did she ignore the quarantine warning of two health agents, but she also left her house to eat, travel around, and collect her 4D lottery winnings.

During the hearing, the prosecution described Ang as an obstinate offender who refuses to cooperate with the authorities.

Ang later pleaded guilty to one count of breaching the Infectious Diseases Act by wilfully exposing others to the risk of infection.

Four other charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

Talk Smack, Get Slapped

According to the court documents, two agents called Ang on 23 July 2021 to confirm that she knew she was under quarantine.

Ang was told to reschedule her vaccination appointment because she was not supposed to leave her house, except the agent never expected that Ang would return a rude retort.

“Hello? I don’t need to eat? I need money to eat? Sorry, I can’t go back home. I need money to eat. Who wants to support me?” Ang said.

She makes it sound like employers don’t give medical leave.

Following the protocol, the agent stated that MOH would be arranging for her to go to a hotel, but Ang rejected it, saying that she needed to go home to care for her diabetic husband.

Before hanging up the call, Ang said to the agent, “Call MOH, call Government to talk to me.”

Well, hello there, the court would like a word with you.

Later, another agent called Ang again to reiterate that she had to stay home.

Ang refused again, insisting that she “won’t stay home the whole day”. She claimed that she was working, and that she hadn’t informed her boss that she was supposed to be isolated.

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After these phone calls, Ang stayed outside for nearly eight hours.

Reportedly, she strolled around Heartland Mall in Hougang to eat and window-shop before collecting her 4D lottery winnings.

She also attended her COVID-19 vaccination appointment at Teck Ghee Community Centre. Since TraceTogether was active and vaccination centres track its visitors, one can imagine that she served the evidence of her whereabouts to the prosecution on a silver platter.

Good going.

She must have been really “busy” at work that day.

Over the next four days, Ang continued to take the public transport, which “exposed even more members of the public to the risk of infection”, the prosecution said.

This feels like a throwback to all the various news reports of COVID-19 positive patients (who were also social butterflies) going to malls and shutting the whole place down for two weeks.

Although Ang tested negative in the end, it does not change the fact that she ignored the agents’ warnings.

For contravening COVID-19 regulations, Ang could have been jailed for up to six months or given a maximum fine of $10,000, or both.

This may be a little mean, but the prosecutor should have argued for a fine too, if only to hit it where it truly hurts.

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