Japan Reportedly Going to Reopen Its Borders Fully in October

Thank God we don’t have to go on trips to Don Don Donki or Miniso to get a taste of China—I mean Japan—anymore, because the land of ramen, sushi, and other delicious carbs with oddly slim people has reportedly announced that it would be opening its boarders to foreigners for Visa-free travel in October 2022.

Just a week prior to the announcement, Japan stated that the country would open up to foreign visitors who are travelling without chaperones, for what it called “non-guided tour groups”, which is essentially meant that free and easy travel by private individuals was still not allowed.

While their new boarder control measures also saw an increase in daily limit for arrivals from 20,000 to 50,000 people, this only applied to foreign residents, business individuals and tourists entering with visas, as well as Japanese nationals.

Japan to Remove 50,000 Visitor Entry Limit by October

Nikkei Asia reported today (15 September) that Japan intends to remove the current restrictions limiting visits from individual travellers, and will also be removing the current 50,000 cap on daily arrivals.

This is due to the government’s decision to seize the opportunity to tap on autumn travel demand as the weakened yen has boosted the purchasing power of potential tourists in the rest of world.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, is expected to announce the information within the next few days.

While Japan seeks to revert to its pre-pandemic boarder controls with these new rules in efforts to recover its economy, the final decision of whether these measures will be fully implemented by October will depend on the stability of the COVID-19 situation within Japan and abroad.

After the change, Japan will not require short-term travelers to have Visas when entering the country. This applies to travellers coming from the U.S., and some other countries

Back in early September, Japan waived the requirement for travellers to provide proof of a negative COVID test, so long as they could present proof of having taken three vaccination shots. Travellers will still be expected to show their vaccination status with these new measures, as well as meet a few other conditions.

So, it’s time to pack up the yen you basically stole when the currency tanked, and start planning for your year-end trip to Japan.

Bon voyage, folks.

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