2 Men Fought at JB Checkpoint After JB Car Hesitated on Which Lane to Take


While crossing the causeway over to Malaysia might be a less-than-smooth journey at times, most of us would agree that our travelling probably doesn’t involve arguments with others around us.

But it seems like that was far from the case for the drivers of a Singapore-registered car and a Malaysia-registered one recently, for both ended up getting into a scuffle of sorts at the Johor Bahru (JB) checkpoint.

And the reason behind the conflict?

Because one driver drove into the lane of another.

Singapore Driver Drove In Front of Malaysian Car at JB Checkpoint

Just yesterday (17 August), footage of the incident that occurred at the JB customs was uploaded by Facebook user Tan Nam Hong to a group used to discuss incidents in Bukit Indah, Malaysia.

Two videos and an image were attached in the post, with the timestamp on the footage clearly showing that the incident occurred at 4.34pm on 17 August.

For those who can’t tell, the Singapore-registered car was a grey Volkswagen while the Malaysia-registered car was a white Honda.

The footage also showed that there were queues near the two cars at the checkpoint as the Volkswagen moved towards in the left lane after seeing an available counter.

The Honda, which was stationary in the right lane ahead of the Volkswagen, seemed to be waiting for a spot in the queue as well.

The Volkswagen then moved right past the Honda, prompting the Honda driver to move forth as well after being caught off guard.

However, the Volkswagen still moved faster, resulting in the Honda driver missing out on a spot at the checkpoints counter.

Drivers Confronted Each Other Through Car Windows

After the Singapore-register car driver “cut” into the Malaysia-registered car’s queue, both drivers proceeded to wind their car windows down and shout at each other.

The heated argument soon went up by a notch afterwards, with both gesturing angrily at each other.

With their car windows down, the occupants of both vehicles then appeared to start shouting at one another.

Soon, they were making furious gestures out of their windows.

Malaysian Driver Got Out of Car

However, the conflict didn’t stop there.


The Malaysia-registered car’s driver proceeded to get out of his car to confront the Volkswagen driver face-to-face and walked right next to the car.

He then started to say things, presumably to complain about the Singapore-registered car’s driver, in front of the Volkswagen.

At that point, a female passenger in the Malaysia-registered Honda attempted to hold the driver back and prevent him from taking the argument to the next level.

She even tried to push her companion away from the Volkswagen despite him constantly lunging forward, but the Singaporean driver was still making gestures towards the Malaysian driver at that point as well.

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Woman Unable to Hold Malaysian Driver Back

Eventually, the Honda driver was able to escape his companion’s grasp on him and went right next to the Volkswagen’s window.


According to the footage, he tried to push the Singaporean driver who was seated in his car.

After that, the Malaysian driver was pushed back to his car by the woman, but both drivers still continued to gesture intensely at each other.

At the end of the video, the Volkswagen driver was seen driving towards the checkpoint counter.

As for the Malaysian driver, he and his companion re-entered their car, signalling the end of the incident.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Tan Nam Hong)