Mediacorp Actors Nick Teo & Hong Ling Are Also Engaged After Dating for 7 Years

Even though it’s been just a week after local celebrities Felicia Chin and Jeffery Xu announced their engagement after a seven-year-long relationship, it seems like wedding bells are ringing for another celebrity couple as well.

And if you’ve been scrolling Instagram lately, you might have already heard that the pair of newlyweds-to-be are Nick Teo and Hong Ling.

Teo, 33, and Hong, 28, both Mediacorp actors, have been in a relationship for seven years but only revealed their relationship to the public in 2018.

Announced Proposal that Took Place on Her Birthday

Just today (18 August), the pair announced their engagement on their Instagram accounts, and it’s totally not incredibly sweet to the point of making all the singles in Singapore feel even lonelier.

In Hong’s post, she also revealed that she was proposed to two days ago on 16 August, which also happened to be her 28th birthday.

“The very first day you came into my life, I know you are going to be special to me. Thank you for everything, my love and my soulmate,” she wrote.


On the other hand, Teo posted a video and wrote a Chinese caption saying that meeting Hong has been the best thing that has ever happened to him, and that he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her.

Wanted to Get Married Later, But Decided to Propose First

And if you’re wondering if the engagement happened on a whim, you couldn’t be more wrong.

When speaking to 8world, Teo shared that he spent three months preparing for the proposal of his life, and even asked Hong’s parents for permission before he began to plan the proposal.

The couple also shared that their relationship has been stable all these years, and that they have also discussed the topic of marriage before.

And even though both of them previously decided that they will tie the knot in about two to three years’ time, Teo explained that weddings have great significance to him and that he would like to prepare for his own without needing to rush.

Hence, he chose to propose earlier in order to have more time to settle the wedding arrangements.

Hong Initially Told Him that There Was No Need for Proposal

For those of us who’re still fangirling over Teo’s romantic proposal on the yacht, here’s an even crazier fact: this wouldn’t have happened if Teo had listened completely to Hong.

During the interview with 8world, Hong revealed how she once told Teo that there was no need for him to prepare a proposal.

In particular, she emphasised that both of them are mature enough and have already decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other, which means that her answer to his proposal would definitely be a resounding “yes”.

However, Teo felt that he still had to show his respect to both Hong and her parents, and that a meticulously-prepared proposal was part of this respect.

To that, Hong shared that she was extremely touched by Teo’s actions and respect, especially since he knows how much her parents mean to her.

Proposal Almost Ruined by Weather and Hong’s Curiosity

And if you think that proposals are all smooth-sailing (pun intended) apart from the bundle of nerves from the groom-to-be, it was the complete opposite for Teo and Hong.

Teo explained that he chose to propose to her on a yacht during the sunset due to the significance that the sea has to both of them, and even shared that the pair usually choose to visit places close to nature whenever they go on holiday.

However, to Teo’s dismay, they woke up to heavy rain on the morning of the proposal.

Thankfully, the yacht trip was still able to go on, but then Teo had something else to worry about as well: his fiancée’s curiosity.

Due to it being her birthday, there were two sets of decorations placed on the yacht, with a frame with the phrase “Marry Me” covered with a cloth.

Teo added that knowing Hong’s curiosity, she would ask many questions, and go around touching or looking at things all around the yacht as well.

He shared that his “greatest fear” was that she would lift the piece of cloth, revealing the frame with the “Marry Me” phrase.

He also shared that friends and relatives on the boat tried their best to keep the proposal a secret from Hong, including stopping her from unveiling the proposal decorations.

Even though she ran towards the cloth at one point, one of their friends stepped right in front of it, saving the day.

Teo Cried After Seeing Hong Cry

During the proposal itself, Teo asked Hong to turn around and look at the “Marry Me” frame.

The frame initially left Hong stunned, but she soon realised that Teo was proposing and started crying.

Their favourite song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, started playing as well.

Hong then shared that after listening to the song, she felt like she wanted to marry Teo immediately.

On the other hand, Teo also began to shed tears after watching Hong cry, and the couple found out afterwards that both their parents had cried after watching their children’s proposal.

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Plans for a Family With Two Children

As for what’s in store for the couple in the future, Teo mentioned that both Hong and himself are more traditional and hope to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends.

On the topic of starting a family, Teo added they have been househunting and hope to get a large enough house for their family to stay in.

Hong also shared that even though they know that it’s not up to them, they hope to have a son and daughter in the future.

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