Joanne Peh Went into War of Words With Netizens Over Price of Coconut Water


People can argue about the strangest things on the internet.

Local actress Joanne Peh probably did not foresee herself arguing about the given price of coconut water either, when she decided to post a few photos of her family vacation in Thailand on Instagram.

Last Friday (28 Oct), she shared a photo of herself holding a huge coconut while drinking from it.

The description read, “I feel that coconuts are too expensive in Singapore and am reluctant to drink coconut water. I felt the same when I was in Phuket for a few days, until I saw this sign on Phi Phi Island and recalled it was the local product. I decided to get a big one right away.”

Shortly thereafter, a netizen commented, “A coconut costs $2.50 in Singapore. Surely you will not be ‘reluctant’ to get one?”

The 39-year-old actress responded, asking where she could buy a coconut for $2.90 in Singapore. She also pointed out that a small coconut from the supermarket costs more than $3, and it’s not worth it at all since it only takes a few sips to finish all the coconut water. On the other hand, the coconut from Thailand was “so big and sweet that [she] felt drunk after drinking it”.

Yeah, it cannot be denied that supermarket coconuts are kind of small.

Another netizen was at odds with Peh too, as they said, “$3 you can’t afford?”

Peh replied to the second netizen: “Friend, ‘reluctance’ and ‘affordability’ are two different concepts.”

The second netizen continued to play the devil’s advocate as they questioned if Peh has ever heard of “humble bragging”, then remarked that Peh being reluctant to buy something despite her riches and success was perplexing.

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At this point, Peh could have ignored the netizen and switched off her phone, but she chose to write a lengthy response.

In Chinese, she wrote, “I have not heard of it so it was not my intention when I wrote the post. Now that you mentioned it, I realised that some people have preconceived notions about others.”

She continued, stating that everyone was entitled to their own views, and she was simply sharing her own on social media.

“I think everyone has different views on the value of things,” she said.

“Some people spend lots of money on games, but they are reluctant to spend the same sum of money elsewhere. Some people drink milk tea every day, but they are reluctant to spend the same sum of money on other food and beverages.”

There’s no need to call out the student population like that, come on.


“You may feel something is cheap while I feel it is expensive,” Peh elaborated to expound on her point, “You may be willing to spend while I don’t. To me, this is simply a matter of personal preferences, and not a complex issue.”

The second netizen, who clearly has too much time on their hands, replied to the actress: “Very well said, but I think your reasoning makes more sense if it costs $300 or $3,000, but I respect your point of view.”

They are saying they agree to disagree, essentially.

“I think a lot of people can’t comprehend why a millionaire can’t bear to part with $3. We are all living in an era where students with no income are spending $5 to $8 on bubble tea. Hence knowing a celebrity [who] is not willing to spend $3 on a coconut is just weird, but you do you.”

Understandably, Peh did not reply to that comment.


See, the difference between Peh and aforesaid students with no income is that the latter didn’t earn the money that they are getting as allowance.

Ergo, they do not feel the same extent of pain when spending the money on an expensive beverage.

When all is said and done, it is her money and her choice on how she wants to spend it.

Let Joanne Peh have her coconuts in Thailand.


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