Food Deliveryman Slapped Hotel Staff After She Moved a Customer’s Order Away


At a sharing accommodation hotel in the East Coast along Amber Road, all guests and staff members are told that food deliveries have to be sent directly to the guest’s doorstep and they cannot be left at the front reception.

When a hotel staff named Ms Wu arrived at the hotel for work, she noticed a cup of coffee and a takeaway box at the front desk.

Thinking that someone from the nearby apartment had keyed in the wrong address for their order again, or it was brought to the wrong building, she moved the food outside.

However, Ms Wu did not expect that the food deliveryman would get into an argument with her for her actions, and then slap her face.

What Led Up To The Slap

This incident happened on Monday (31 Oct) at around 8:55am.

The 26-year-old hotel staff told Shin Min Daily News that when she arrived at the hotel, she saw a cup of coffee and a takeaway box at the front desk.

However, the rules of the hotel explicitly state that the front reception cannot accept any packages or food delivery orders on the guests’ behalf. The guest must ensure that the deliverer sends it straight to their door.

The reasoning behind the rule is simple: there is limited space at the front reception and the hotel does not want to be held accountable if the food happens to go bad.

There are many long-term residents at the hotel too, and they have been informed about the rule via letter or email before.

Another concern that Ms Wu had was that the order belonged to someone from the nearby apartment instead, and they had keyed in the wrong address.

This isn’t uncommon either; in the last week alone, there were a few orders that were sent to the hotel by mistake.

The usual protocol for the staff is to place it at the entrance so it is easier for the apartment residents to collect it.

Hence, Ms Wu placed the takeout at the entrance.

It was only after Ms Wu returned to the front desk that she suddenly noticed a handwritten note with a room number on it.

She was about to turn back to get the takeout when a man in his sixties came down from a silver delivery car that he had parked nearby, to question her in a fit of anger.

Ms Wu was trying to explain the situation when two more women stepped out of the vehicle.


One of them was a woman in her sixties, who scolded her loudly, and even slapped her in the face.

“I was very shocked at that time. I said I was going to call the police, but the other party continued to be aggressive, saying, ‘Even if the police come, I will still hit you.’”

After the incident, Ms Wu contacted the hotel manager and the police. The man had already driven his car away then, while the other two women stayed at the scene until the police arrived.

In response to police inquiries, the police confirmed that they received the report, and they have informed Ms Wu of the legal actions she can take.

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