Song Joong-ki Finally Confirms He’s Dating Again & His Girlfriend Was Actually Spotted in S’pore


Ladies (and gentlemen), the eligible bachelor is off the market once again. 

It is official. 37-year-old South Korean actor, Song Joong-ki, has been confirmed to be in a relationship with a non-celebrity girlfriend by his agency, High Zium Studio.

This time, it is for real, unlike the previous allegations made against the Korean star back in October this year when he was out and about with fellow Space Sweepers co-star Kim Tae Ri in Paris.

In a statement released today (26 December 2022), the entertainment agency confirmed that the Descendents of the Sun star is “currently seeing a woman with positive feelings”. He is no longer single and ready to mingle. 

Who is Song Joong-ki’s Girlfriend? 

It seems like Song’s girlfriend tagged along with him on his promotional trips, as the lovebirds were previously spotted by the media on a sweet date in Marina Bay Sands earlier this month.

Why were they in Singapore, you would ask? 

The Vincenzo star was here in Singapore for a press conference at Resort World Sentosa on 7 December, promoting his new JTBC drama series Reborn Rich that also co-stars Korean acting veteran Lee Sung Min, as well as Girls’ Generation Tiffany Young. 

According to Yonhap, Song had announced his relationship to staff members behind the scenes during the media conference. Imagine the gasps and jaw-droppers when he broke the news to them.

Image: Sports Chosun

Song’s partner also accompanied him back to Seoul in style when the conference in Singapore ended. Wearing matching colours down to the cardigan and sweater, they definitely have an eye for airport couple wear.

Image: Newsen

Not much information about the beau is currently known, except for the basic background information of her British nationality (though other reports state she’s an Italian), and that the both of them have come to know each other through acquaintances. 

Privacy for Song Joong-ki’s Girlfriend, Please

The agency has declined to comment or elaborate more about any other information surrounding the couple, requesting for the media’s understanding to “refrain publishing any speculative or unconfirmed reports”. 

Maybe this is for the best for his love life, given how widely publicised his previous divorce with Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye-kyo was back in 2019, even down to the splitting of their marital assets. 

This has been a great year for the South Korean actor. ‘Reborn Rich’ had just hit their all-time high ratings last Sunday, and now, he is officially in a new happy relationship. 

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Featured Image: Sports Chosun & Newsen