Kid Went Missing in Woodlands & Mysteriously Appeared in Bugis


If, for reasons unknown, we were to receive our very own “The X-Files” series, I’m pretty sure this case will be included in the story.

On 2 Jan, a six-year-old boy went missing after alighting from a bus at a childcare centre. He was later found at Bugis, for reasons unknown.

All these happened on the first day of primary school for the young boy. The boy was supposed to head straight to a childcare centre after alighting from his school bus.

However, upon arriving at the childcare centre, the young boy “shook his head to indicate that he was not going to the centre and left”.

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Oh my, how curious. Could the boy’s actions be due to some mysterious forces at work? Why did the boy claim that he’s not going to the childcare centre?

Was he receiving instructions from… something?


(Yeah, right)


Or it could just be a case of miscommunication. Perhaps the mother wasn’t being clear about him going to the childcare centre.

Considering that none of my sources actually explained what really happened, allow me to share my speculations.


Right. So as I was saying just now, the boy is only 6 years old. Perhaps he misunderstood his mother’s intentions or instructions and thought that he would not be required to head to the childcare centre today.

Hence, being a simple and pure kid, perhaps he tried to head home from the childcare centre.

From what I know, there are a few buses going from Woodlands to Bugis. One of which is bus 960. Perhaps he then decided to board the bus, thinking that it would take him home. However, he boarded at the wrong side of the road and ended up travelling to Bugis instead.

…Well, those are just my guesses anyway.


Whatever the case was, at around 6.30 pm, Madam Wang, the boy’s mother, received a call from a woman informing her that the boy was at Bugis Station.

Apparently, the boy approached the woman after realizing that he was lost. The woman then brought the boy to some station employees for help.

The woman then treated the boy to a meal and contacted Madam Wang after finding out her phone number.


Thank you, kind-hearted lady. You are proof that there are still nice people out there!

Anyway, while this story might not exactly be “The X-Files” worthy, I’m sure it’s “parents worthy”! Take note, mummies and daddies out there!

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