Lawrence Wong Elected as Deputy Secretary-General of PAP, a New Role in the Party

In a move everyone expected, Lawrence Wong has now been elected the deputy secretary-general of the People’s Action Party (PAP).

If you’re familiar with PAP, you’d be confused as previously, there would always be a secretary-general (the leader), the first assistant secretary-general (the assistant leader) and the second assistant secretary-general.

So what the heck is a deputy secretary-general?

Lawrence Wong Elected as Deputy Secretary-General of PAP, a New Role in the Party

Simply put, it’s a new role.

While the Malaysia leaders are confused over who is who, in Singapore, the only party that has formed the government since independence, PAP, had a meeting.

The 37th PAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) met today to elect their office holders.

For a start, four members were added to the CEC; they are Alex Yeo (contested in Aljunied GRC), Cheryl Chan (MP in East Coast GRC), Ng Chee Meng (former minister who contested in Sengkang GRC)  and Tan See Leng (MP for Marine Parade GRC and also Minister for Manpower).

Previously, Gan Kim Yong was PAP’s chairman, but he’s since stepped down, so Heng Swee Keat, the former first assistant secretary-general, is now elected as PAP’s new chairman.

The vice-chairman is Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli.

The secretary-general is still PM Lee Hsien Loong, and “in line with plans for the party leadership transition”, a new role called the deputy secretary-general is formed.

Instead of the first assistant secretary-general exercising the roles and responsibilities of the secretary-general when he’s not around, the deputy secretary-general will hold that role instead, which means he’s the second-in-command.

Yes, of course, it’s Lawrence Wong.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing and National Development Desmond Lee will be the assistant secretaries-general.

Previously, the assistant secretaries-general were Heng Swee Keat and  Chan Chun Sing.

Below are the other office holders:

Treasurer: K Shanmugam

Assistant Treasurer : Ong Ye Kung

Organising Secretaries: Grace Fu and Edwin Tong

The members are Alex Yeo, Cheryl Chan, Indranee Thurai Rajah, Josephine Teo, Ng Chee Meng, Tan Chuan-Jin, Tan See Leng and Vivian Balakrishnan.

Simply put, everything is still highly predictable.

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