LTA’s PSA: Before Driving into Singapore, You Need a Valid VEP or You’d be Turned Back

For those jumping into their cars and preparing to drive into Singapore from Malaysia, hold your horses: do you have a VEP?

You’ll need a valid Vehicle Entry Permit before driving in, or you’ll be turned back.

Here’s how to apply for one.

Driving Foreign-Registered Vehicle into Singapore

If you’re driving a foreign-registered vehicle into Singapore, ensure that you have the following:

  • Valid Autopass card
  • LTA’s approval email for VEP
  • Valid road tax
  • Certificate of insurance for vehicle

Apply for VEPs Online through OneMotoring From 31 March

If you were thinking of applying for VEP/Autopass cards or updating your road tax/insurance for existing Autopass cards at the land checkpoints… You’re out of luck.

Everything must be done online on the Land Transport Authority’s OneMotoring website, and all instructions are on the page. The VEP application system will only be accessible from 31 March.

You should be applying about two weeks before your intended travel dates to ensure you have enough time to apply and for LTA to approve your VEPs. Do also take note that applications may take longer to be processed since everyone’s going to rush to apply, so plan your time wisely.

And even after you’ve applied, do ensure you have LTA’s email approval before driving over, and remember to collect your Autopass card at LTA’s Johor Bahru Service Centre.

If you don’t have a valid Autopass card or an approved VEP, you will be turned back.

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LTA: Consider Postponing Leisure Travel Plans 

LTA ended off their Facebook post by calling out those who intend to drive into Singapore for leisure: why not postpone your plans?

By postponing, you’ll allow those with essential needs, like travelling for employment or reuniting with their families, to be able to make their trips.

You can access the OneMotoring website here.

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