McDonald’s To Start Selling Signature Curry Sauce in a Bottle from 30 May

Guys! Guys~!

It’s McDonald’s CURRY SAUCE!


Image: Steam user RiskySaber

To the ones already taking out your money without reading the price: I like you.

Max. 4 Bottles at S$5.50 each with purchase

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And to that dude giving me a S$100 bill, I can only say that it’s unfortunate, but we can only buy a maximum of 4 Curry Sauce Bottles at $5.50 per bottle (375ml).

It’s also only available if you purchase of McNuggets ala carte, Extra Value Meal or Happy Sharing Box across all restaurants islandwide, while stocks last.

Oh, and if you think they aren’t using this as an opportunity for a new curry sauce vessel, you would be wrong.

Your new Curry Sauce Vessels

And with less exciting news… The Spicy Chicken McNuggets are also back! Going from $6.40 for 9 pcs.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And if that ain’t enough for your curry sauce dipping pleasure, there’s also the Happy Sharing Box C (12pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets® and 8pc McWings), from $12.85.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

But, remember that it’s a whole bottle. There’s still more! Like the French Onion Shaker Fries that you can get by upsizing Extra Value Meal at $0.70.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And some more items that matter less because they probably won’t taste as good with the curry sauce (challenge accepted?).

Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone, from $2.00

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

KIT KAT® McFlurry®, from $3.10

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And at this point, you might be disappointed how I just glazed through the other non-curry sauce items. But look, there’s a reason why McDonald’s gave this info-graphic.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

It doesn’t matter what new items there are, people. Those are just mere vessels for our Lord and saviour McDonald’s Curry Sauce.

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Why even McDonald’s without Curry Sauce?

And to the ones who aren’t already taking out your money, I’m going to tell you the greatness of the Curry Sauce. It’s no secret that at GoodyFeed we live and breathe McDonald’s Curry Sauce.

And we’ve waited 3 years since the last time, which sold out in two weeks.

Image: giphy

Yeah, it’s that good.

McDonald’s Curry Sauce is so good that:

And you have not even heard of the terrible McDonald’s Curry Sauce Saga! Here’s a summary of the McDonald’s Curry Sauce tragedy:

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

  • Before 2011, it was truly a great time to be living in. People had UNLIMITED CURRY SAUCE privileges.
  • But alas, good times never last. Around 2011 Singapore unexpectedly ran out of curry sauce (!!!) #ripcurrysauce
  • A week later the curry sauce was back… but tasted different.
  • It just wasn’t the same. People cried. People rioted. The old sauce had peanuts. The new had soybeans.
  • From then on, unlimited curry sauce privileges were removed from the population and we had to ration curry sauces. Times were bad, and people had to fork out hard earned money for a meagre portion.

So stock up on your curry sauce people. We never know when the bottles will be back again.


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